The Bakery Chef Singapore

I've heard quite a lot about the Bakery Chef ever since I came back from Tokyo but I've never got the motivation to head to the main shop. So it must be luck and fate that I chanced upon its pop-up stall at Orchard Central.

The signature rainbow cake dutifully lived up to its reputation and exemplified all the essential qualities of a good sponge; moist and fluffy. There is even a tinge of citrus embedded in the layers. However, the cream was frosted unevenly and in short supply compared to the previous photos of rainbow cakes churned out from the same kitchen. 
The Chocolate Rainbow  ($5.50) turned out to be the better executed of the two as the ganache was velvety and the bottom sponge layers did not suffer from the ill fate of dehydration like the Rainbow Cake did. 
Most of the cakes assumed the same style and formula; squarish sponge cakes layered with cream. There isn't much excitement until I had the Matcha and Caramel Delight ($5.50 each), whose core is injected with red bean paste and salted caramel sauce respectively.
Alas, something unpredicted amidst the predictabilities. In fact, both cakes surpassed the excellency of the predecessors with their unmistakable saturated sponge and little mounds of smoky piped cream. Nonetheless, these cakes were extremely delicate and I counted my blessings that little damage was inflicted by the heat when I transported them home. 
However, it was only until the Praline Delight ($6) when I started to see potential of this pastry shop. Chocolate mousse, hazelnut paste +crunch, sponge cake coated in chocolate ganache and nuts. It might not be the most original idea, but it's a classic combination done well. Simply look at how beautiful each layer has come together! This cake should deserve more credit and raving reviews than the mundane sponge cakes. 
The Bakery Chef
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central
#01-3711 Singapore 150161
Daily 10am-7pm