Laduree Tokyo Boutique & Ice Cream Bar : Pistachio, Oh Yeah!

2 years ago, I did not had a good impression of Laduree's Rose St Honore. Since then, I had stopped trying its pastries as the price is far steeper than many patisseries. However, I noticed that there was something different about the St Honore this time and decided to try the Pistachio version (907 Yen) .

And I would like to declare that the Pistachio version as my best St Honore so far. It is a ravenous work of art that operated at the absolute limits of complete tastiness. 
Yes, if I am not wrong, they have tweaked their recipe and structure of the St Honore. Nothing is caramelized here, instead, the base ring is insulated with pistachio chocolate. And I think they "cheated" by supplanting the base with a 1/4 inch thick biscuit crumble and added two clumps of salty crumble that transformed the entire into an A+ work. 
Fluffy Pistachio cream that penetrated every part but did not kill the gateau, though the piping work was a little sloppy. Good job Laduree, you have usurped the Best Patisserie in Town voted by the people for St Honore. 
The Plasir Sucre (799 Yen) is a marvelous chocolate bar that is on par with Pierre Herme's version. I found no valid reason to devalue this masterpiece because it is an assemblage all the ideal chocolate components. From the base, there is the moist hazelnut dacquoise, praline and that two longitudinally-piped milk chocolate sandwiched between the chocolate planks that defined a typical Plasir Sucre. 
In fact, you can find many similarities of such in the world. In Singapore, the Royal Hazeltine or some Hazelnut Nougatine cake comes close but can never ever reach the pinnacle of elegance. 
Good to know: Only the Shinjuku outlet serves soft serve ice cream. I was too lazy to customize so I picked the Pistachio Griotte (556 Yen) that consists of Yoghurt Fraise Ice cream with caramelized pistachio nuts, griotte cherry sauce, griotte compote,pistachio macaron crunch and it was really rich, creamy and tangy. 
Blissful treat under the blazing heat. 
Laduree Tokyo 
Shinjuku Outlet (Boutique & Ice Cream Bar)
Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-38-2
Lumine 2 1st Floor
Hours: 11am-11pm
Access: Shinjuku Station 
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