BoCHINche: Argentinian Brunch

The words "Argentinian Meat and Supermarket" got me way excited before I even stepped into this restaurant because it has been long since I visited one Latin American restaurant. The last one was at the now-defunct Sur Nuevo. Argentina beef steaks are well-known but we skipped their signature steaks from the grills section and headed straight from the all-new brunch menu, since they are only available on weekends from 11am-3pm (which coincides with our visit). 
Classic Provoleta with Almonds & Honey ($19)
It's a cunning dish that secretly sneaked in all the winning flavours into one, grilled and served in a metal grill with gooey cheese bubbling furiously as if shouting "Eat Me! Eat Me" Wait no longer and dig in before this Argentinian cheese variant solidified into curd-form. Incredibly simple yet superbly sharp, mature, sweet, crunchy. Forget about the dry focaccia bread and just deliver the cheese pud into your mouth. 
From the Grills: Green Asparagus, Baked Brie and Grated Granola ($23++) 
I love asparagus. I love brie. I love granola. So I thought I would love it when these 3 items are put together on a plate. This sounds like an innovative breakfast dish but the trio seemed to have parted ways with each other. The granola was used too sparingly and the dry, hard toast reduced the appeal. 
But all is not lost. The highly anticipated Chimichurro Burger V2.0 ($28++) did not disappoint. Yes, this is probably the second most expensive burger I've had after DB's burger but the ingredients sourced from Argentinian probably contributed the bulk of the cost. It had no fries, but in terms of flavours, it hit the bull's eye. 

The bright orange HEN egg yolk that spurted in my mouth was the first source of delight, followed by the HUGE succulent and flavourful beef pattie, soft caramelized onions, bacons, smoky chimichurri sauce. I like the base of the bun which had soaked up the  juices of the overriding components. 
The classic egg benedict is given a twist with Braised Ossobucco being sandwiched in between the poached eggs and toast ($25++). The chives hollandaise was elusive and did not create much impression, just like the veal shanks that were shredded too thinly and turned out rather bland on the toast. 
The Brioche French Toast, house cooked ham and bacon-vanilla ice cream ($19++) is still strictly a savoury dish even though there is a petite scoop of ice cream to cut through the salt. It had a soft custardy interior but would be more enticing if there is a sharp buttery aroma and a little more sugar. But the burger cum bacon lover @fundamentally-flawed loved this dish so much that she would order this for brunch again. 
Spared from the ultra-sweetness of an authentic Tres Leches, the Milk Cake tasted like a good and sponge cake soaked with just the right amount of milk. I am not a fan of sherbet but the acidity of the passionfruit sherbet smoothened the creaminess of not only this cake but also the other outstanding desserts like the Dulce Le Che Creme Brûlée ($17++) 
My heart skipped a beat when I had the first bite of this super creamy and sweet pud that lie beneath the perfect bittersweet caramel crackling. The non-conventional Banana Split Ice Cream served as a perfect counterpoint to the smoky custardy body. Yes, this is very sweet but I love it. 
To me, a meal is incomplete without a dessert and better completed with something chocolatey. So the Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel ($16++) definitely brought the meal to a nice full stop. The strong dose of salt in the caramel moderated the velvety milk chocolate cream, though some people might find the salted caramel to be in excess. The proportions could be better tweaked to have more crunchy brioche croutons. 

Nonetheless, it is advisable not to go for two cream-based desserts straight in a row as the amount of richness can be quite overwhelming. 
Even though there might be empty seats around the restaurant, it is highly recommended to reserve a table in advance to secure a good "feng shui" spot in this Argentinian restaurant. For those who are looking for an unconventional yet quality brunch without budget constraints, BoCHINche would be a very good choice. 

22 Martin Road 
Weekends 11am-3pm (brunch) 3pm-11pm
Tues-Fri 11am-11pm