Matsu-Gen 松玄 : Favourite Soba-ya of Three-Star Michelin Chef

When it comes to summer, the thing that I crave for besides kakigori is a bowl of cold soba. Not the volcano-lookalike Hiyashi Chuka Ramen (Cold Chinese Ramen) but simple buckwheat noodles. Hence, I could not find an even more appropriate timing to head to Matsu-Gen for one of the most popular dishes--Natto Bukkake Soba.

Featured on TV as well, this cold soba is topped with 12 different kinds of ingredients, including a raw egg yolk that sits on a sticky pool of tororo (grated mountain yam). Unlike Rikyu, a mini jar of tare is served at the side and so the flavour is left in the hands of the diners (since all the ingredients are bland anyway) 
It was delicious-the flavours didn't blow my mind but the simplicity in the soba makes it appealing all the same. The handmade noodles meets the cut just like other traditional soba-ya. Wash down every thing with the cup of soba soup and one is good to get on with the afternoon again. 
Both special daily lunch sets and ala carte soba menu are available during lunch but if come during dinner if you like to have more side dishes or even elaborate soba course meals. 
I learnt later from tinyurbankitchen that three-star Michelin chef Jean George Vongerichten declared Matsugen as his favourite soba restaurant in the world. Not surprising.....but this makes me wonder which soba did he have? 

I want to try that one the next time. 
Matsugen Soba 松玄 
Ebisu Outlet
Tokyo-ku 150-0012, Shibuya-ku, Hiroo 1-3-1 
Tel: 03-3444-8666
Japanese Menu here:
Nearest station : JR Ebisu 


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