BROTHERS @ Tokyo SkyTree: Colourful Cube Chou Cream パティスリー

These little colorful cubes have been around when Tokyo Sky Tree since the landmark opened in 2012. They never truly attracted me because their appearances are too cheesy and seemed like one of those touristy food that lacked quality. Moreover, cream puffs in squares are no longer a novelty. But I decided to give them a chance to try in June 2014 when I was in nearby Asakusa to hunt down some Wagashi houses. 
Rated by TokyoWalker as the No.1 omiyage (souvenir) this year, the cube cream puffs are usually available in 8 different flavour, each one either in the simple one with the "Brothers" logo or the other ehem......touristy one with the Tokyo Sky Tree logo. 

What makes them special is their "Japanese style" filling. The custard has been blended with shiroan (white bean paste), resulting in a thick velvety texture that is heavier than usual cream puffs. This is similar to the idea adopted at Creme De La Creme, but the custard ratio is much higher here. In addition, Belgium Callebaut chocolate is used, but I doubt if this truly enhances the quality. 
Out of the four flavours (Matcha, Raspberry, Caramel and Mango) which I bought (353 Yen Each), the MATCHA is relatively sound but not as outstanding as the CARAMEL The rest were also delicious and not overly sweet. But the pastry aspect was less than remarkable. Perhaps implicated by the sheer volume of the custard,  the choux pastry (not brioche disguised as choux) was rather soggy and quite wet at the base. That said, the volume of filling did helped to obscure this flaw and boost the level of satisfaction derived from these treats.
On a side note, BROTHERS is a Kansai pancake cafe opened by 3 "kakoi" (cool) ikemen brothers from the Sakimoto family. Haha, if you are curious about their profile, click here . However, I doubt they were in-charged of the baking as this seemed more like a collaboration with Chef Inamura. 
For something good to pack home, I would highly recommend the White Chocolate-coated Vegetable Chips which are creatively packed like a dictionary. Imagine ROYCE's decadent chocolate coated potato chips but a healthier version. Called Vegefri choco + (plus) (743 yen), it contains an amazing variety of 10 different vegetables-- purple imo, sweet potato, pumpkin, bittergourd, banana, apple, lotus, carrots, ladyfingers and long beans. So yummy that I finished reading the entire "book" in one sitting--fastest speed in my life. 
One might be tempted to get the boxes of Tiramisu and cheese Millefeuille (1200 yen) which are souvenirs suitable to sit at room temperature. Innovative or convenient as they may seemed, their standards are inevitably compromised. Just stick to the vegetable chips and you'll be jolly. 
Brothers パティスリーブラザーズ
Tokyo Sky Tree Solamachi Outlet
Daily 10am-9pm
Menu and details HERE
Brothers Pancake Cafe in Osaka
Website here