Kyo Hayashiya 林屋茶園 京はやしやカフェ: Tropical Matcha Delights 2014

It had been more than 2 years since Iast visited Kyo Hayashiya. It's probably the next optimal choice after Gion Tsujiri since Tokyo does not have as many matcha specialty stores compared to Kyoto. Nonetheless, the quality of the matcha is actually quite high and one can always return to try new things since every shop has a slightly different menu and the parfaits change seasonally

Mango Matcha Parfait (Shinjuku/ Tokyo Station Outlet)
Besides serving parfaits in the cafe, Kyo Hayashiya also offers convenient parfaits which can be enjoyed at home or on the go. In fact, I prefer these smaller-sized desserts than the regular parfaits because the flavours are more interesting and yet one can still taste the intensity of the matcha mousse. This Mango Matcha Parfait (560 yen) is a summer special that consists of matcha mousse, matcha sponge, mango pudding, mango gelee, coconut pannacotta, mixed tropical fruits. 
Called 小雪 koyuki aka small snow mountain,  this is definitely not the smallest but the BIGGEST kakigori I conquered this year. 
Drizzled with condensed milk and topped with matcha soft serve, the kakigori is SO MASSIVE that an additional bowl was given for diners to eat in smaller portions. In the midst of my solo ice conquest, I discovered an oasis at the base with red beans and shiratama (white mochi balls).  
Kyo Hayashiya has two types of cheesecake, one is the rich baked matcha cheesecake and the other is this soufflé version that is layered with matcha mousse and covered in matcha cake crumbs. The set (Ikebukuro Outlet) comes with matcha ice cream, azuki strawberries and a choice of beverage. I chose Houjicha Latte (below) instead of Matcha since I've had the latter before. 

Special anmitsu (Matcha soft serve, houjicha ice cream, matcha baumkuchen, matcha warabi mochi)
This anmitsu from the Shinjuku Outlet is a monthly special that allows one to have matcha and houjicha flavours in a bowl. Plus, one can also taste the matcha Baumkuchen without having to buy them separately. It was delicious but the staff who had prepared it could have done a better job in presenting the soft serve ice cream. 
Matcha Langue De Chats
The shop also retails goods such as Matcha Milk Powder, Baumkuchen, Swiss roll, financiers, sables and langue De chats. Savoury food such as soba is also available at the Tokyo Midtown and Ikebukuro outlets. Click here to read about the regular parfait and anmitsu.

Kyo Hayashiya 林屋茶園  京はやしやカフェ
Shinjuku Lumine 1 (Outlet menu here)
Nishi-Shinjuku 1-1-5 Lumine 1 B2F (Don't go to the wrong Lumine!)
Daily 10am-10pm (L.O. 9.45pm)
Ikebukuro Seibu Department Store 8F  (Outlet Menu here)
Mon-Fri 11am-11pm
Sat Sun PH 10.30am-11pm
Last order 10.30pm
Access: Ikebukuro Station Higashi (East) Exit