Divine Desserts @ Mezza9

You can be certain that the team at Mezza9 takes their desserts seriously when you discover an exquisite menu devoted wholeheartedly to desserts. Since September last year, this menu featuring five desserts and a cheese platter, has been introduced and adds on to the existing cakes/pastries at the Mezza9 shop. What's better way to indulge in their DESSERT PLATTER ($32++) that offers a taste of everything after a satisfying Italian dinner at Pete's Place

Does this look like a hot piping Souffle? In fact, this is a frozen Grand Marnier Souffle ($16++ for ala carte)  that is no less potent than the bottle of liquor itself. Every spoonful oozed plenty of boozy goodness that I constantly reminded myself to handle this with extra care to minimize spillage. 
Much has been raved about the astoundingly creamy home-made ice cream and this mixed pool is no exception. The smooth, rich Papua New Guinea vanilla bean and Manjaro chocolate ice cream sat in contrast with the eye-poppingly tart Passionfruit sherbet and zesty raspberry sherbet, creating quite an exciting taste experience that would appease gelato and sherbet fans at the same time. There is a bonus that is not as showy as the curvy nut tuile perched at the top--bitter cacao nibs inside the intense chocolate gelato. 

Mezza 9 Deconstructed Pavlova ($16++ for ala carte) 
The cloud-like crispy baked meringues were taken down a notch on sweetness with the sourish kick from the sherbet and berries. 
Dessert flower pots are no longer any novelty but the Flower Pot ($16++ for ala carte) here is probably one of the better ones in town. It is not spammed with mousse or any cheese cake but a superbly executed caramel sea salt ice cream that enrobed the palates with toasty notes of burnt sugar. To be more precise, the caramel flavour was perfect, something that very few can mastered well (most are either overdone or underdone). 
Besides the flower pot, the Grand Cru Chocolate Mousse ($16++ ala carte) is my another favourite in this platter. After all the bright flavours, this chocolate jar proved to be a pleasantly bitter sanctuary that soothes the taste buds. I emptied the entire shooter of dark chocolate sauce and sank myself in the blissful chocolate bed.
A divine finish for the divine desserts
Divine Desserts @ Mezza9 Grand Hyatt
Available during opening hours
Lunch: 12pm-3pm, daily
Dinner: 6pm-11pm, daily
Sunday Brunch: 11:30am-3pm, last pour at 2:45 pm
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Note that ala carte portions will be bigger than portions for dessert platter

Chinese New Year are now available at the Mezza9 Shop till 5 March 2015
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