Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rikyu An 利久庵 : Nihonbashi Soba

One reason why I go for soba more often than ramen is because I won't feel thirsty after the meal. If you are hunting for some good solid soba, head to Rikyu An, a reputable soba establishment that has been present in Nihonbashi since Showa 27

Despite the fact that it occupies three levels (basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor), it tends to get full house and like any other traditional soba-ya, you sit shoulder to shoulder with first-time strangers. 
The signature bowl? Natto Soba. And being a natto fan, there is no reason to miss this. Though this big bowl only cost ¥950, every ingredient comes from some big names in Tokyo. The seaweed is the thick version from Yamamoto Noriten founded in 1849 and the katsuo flakes is from Yamatoya. Besides being old shops, they are all located in Nihonbashi. 
So break the yolk and mix everything up...Everything is so light yet flavorful that I don't even need any other condiments. Worth the slurp? Absolutely!

Can't help but always like to try the shichimi powder placed at the side of table
An Ojiisan sitting opposite me ordered not one but 2 different sets of soba, one is the plain Morisoba but i don't know what's the other bowl. Both looks and must have tasted very delicious as well as he finished within seconds! No joke. Plus he and his wife keep commenting how "Oishii" their soba was (the wife had Natto Soba)
This place reminds me of Kanda Matsuya, another delicious soba house with long history. Second floor is for Teishoku (set meals) and the basement + 1st floor is for soba. Don't worry about which level to head to because the obaasan will give you the order in a voice that is more energetic than any other military commander.

Rikyu An 利久庵
1--12-16, Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Mon-Fri 11am-8.30pm
Sat 11am-4pm
Closed on Sun and PH

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  1. Looks like it is Tokyo dining standard in which guests are "cramped" in a small dining room. Some said it is due to high rental while some said so that chef can serve all guests easily. The soba looks nice. Thanks for sharing.


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