All The Batter: Probably Singapore's First Avocado Specialty Cafe

I often wonder why the cafe isn't called "All About Avocadoes" because All About Batter sells all kinds of desserts and drinks revolving around one of the world's superfood, avocados. Little known is that the shop has been selling avocado drinks and natural food at a kiosk in Anchorpoint since 2014. It takes online orders for cakes and caters for corporate events or special occasions.

It does not instill huge confidence to find the cafe tucked discreetly in one of the shophouses at Aldephi Park (next to Thomson Plaza), with seats and tables barely filled up on a weekend afternoon. Nor will one's heart rejoice when you browsed through the food photos posted on social media because the colors are dull and unappetizing. But once my family and I had a taste of the cakes and drinks, those initial suspicions were soon allayed.

The cakes here may not be fit into the photogenic criteria these days but they are all tasty and not too sweet at all. Above all, avocados are used to replace certain dairy products like butter and cream, making them healthier than the conventional pastries we know. What a bonus.

The Avocado Milk Ball ($2.90) is actually a choux puff filled with avocado cream. There is nothing spectacular about the choux pastry and the cream filling doesn't possess the dark green hue as shown on the official photo. But the avocado cream tastes like what it should be. The texture is dense but the flavor is pure and light, almost like eating an avocado.

The signature Avocado Rhapsody Slice ($6.50) is a cream cheese frosted chocolate sponge made with avocados in substitute of butter. I am not a fan of cream cheese frosting so I naturally swerved towards the Avocado Gula Melaka ($5.90) even though the two layers of cake here belongs the dense American style that can easily fill one up.

If I were to return again, I'll definitely order the Avocado artisan drinks that is churned from a multi-grain base. The Avocado Chocolate Ganache sounds like a super indulgent, calorie-laden smoothie but it turns out to be exactly the opposite. Barely sweetened yet rich, nutty and wholesome. The ganache (made with avocado too) is so thick that it hardly dissolves into the drink. Same goes for the Matcha Avocado that is also sweetened with honey. The restrained sweetness here is the most attractive aspect of the menu here.

Healthy and tasty. Now I know I don't have to travel too far for my sweets indulgence.

17 Jasmine Road, Aldephi Park
Weekends only 11am-9.30pm
Matcha Avocado Smoothie

Avocado Rhapsody 
Avocado Gula Melaka