Nesuto Patisserie @ Tras Street

Popped by Nesuto to check out the Japanese-French pastries. Despite the hefty price tag of at least $9 ($9.90 for 10% dine-in service charge), there was a steady flow of customers, probably a good sign that Singaporeans are willing to splurge on cakes.

Overall, I would be more willing to invest in the petit gateaux than the sliced cakes because the latter is more common in the market and the taste doesn't stand out far from the rest. Le "Omm", a matcha mascarpone azuki cake, may possessed a rather dry-looking sponge but it turned out pleasantly light and moist. The intensity of matcha is just right; not overly bitter that will chase away the crowd, not overly light that will make matcha fans grumpy. On the other hand, the Le "Goma" ($9++) is a faithful interpretation of black sesame with layers of black sesame roulade and diplomat cream. However, the texture is too heavy and dense it reminded us of kueh.

As said earlier, I prefer the petit gateaux and the Cocochoc ($9.80++) is one remarkably accomplished piece that plays with coconut and milk chocolate. I like the use of Jivara 40% because the hints of malt enhanced the brown sugar sable and coconut pannacotta. The Foret Noire ($9.80++) is one cake that I would never order if not for my friend who wanted to try it. And I've got to thank my friend for her choice because it was mindblowingly good. I did not expect Manjari 64% to be exceptionally dark and rich in this case. But that's what makes this Foret Noire so memorable.

Not for a faint-hearted at chocolate, of course.

53 Tras Street
Mon-Thurs 12pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-11pm
Sun 12pm-7pm