Wednesday, July 12, 2017

365 日 : Bread pilgrimage in Yoyogi Uehara

Day day bread, Night Night bread.

365 days of bread.

Is it ever possible?

Yes. For a bread lover like me.

But not everyday from 365 日 because the breads are quite pricy.

The most popular bread shop in Yoyogi these days is none other than 365日. The No.1 seller chocolate crunch brioche bun costs 235 yen for such a petite size but I think the unique texture justified the price.

Never had I encountered such a compact yet soft brioche in my life. The rest of the buns are passable except maybe for the croissant. Give it a few minutes in the toaster and it comes out alive and so darn flaky. Such is an excellent piece that could give Gontran Cherrier's a run for his yen.

365 日
daily 7am-7pm
富ヶ谷1丁目6番12号 サンハイツ三沢1F Shibuya, Tokyo
dine-in available

365日  x 食パン

White Chocolate and Pistachio


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  1. What time did u visit the shop? Need to q for the chocolate bun?


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