Tasty Court by Chef Pung 尝鲜阁 : Journey to the East for Delicious Chinese Food

My parents came home one Saturday night and raved to me about their delicious dinner at Tasty Court by Chef Pung Lu Tin. It is a new restaurant that has only been opened for a month or so by celebrity chef Pung who used to helm the kitchen of now-defunct Seafood International in East Coast Park. Wow, when did my parents become so informed of the new hot places when it hasn't been posted on social media (almost zero post on Instagram but some on facebook). Not even in mainstream media. And rarely do I see my parents react so fervently towards the food.

But when I looked at the food pictures they took and how my parents described the food, I was immediately convinced that I had to give it a try. Even if it means I have to travel more than 1 hour to the East. To play safe, my friends and I stick to the chef's recommendations listed on the menu and none of them disappointed!

The 浓汤花胶煲 Braised Fish Maw with Chicken Stock in Pot ($28) boasted a pale-yellowish broth that was unexpectedly rich, flavorful and lightly peppered. Even though I thought it was slightly salty, my makan kakis felt the seasoning level was just right The slices of ginger imparted some heat to the soup while the fish maw was smooth, gelatinous and not fishy at all. Fortunately, the pot was huge enough to feed my table of four with two servings per person because one serving is simply not satisfying enough! #太好喝

Another must try dish is the Crispy Dong Tok Roasted Chicken ($22). The chicken was still dripping oil when it made entrance but this classic Cantonese dish often only seen in wedding dinners doesn't taste greasy at all. Hats of to the roasting chef because the outermost skin is crisp, yet retaining some fats beneath. The meat is tender throughout, including the breast meat part.  Dabble the chicken with the special chilli sauce for the extra shiokness but even on its own, it is already finger licking good!

My parents said I needed to try the Tobiko Fried Rice and the Stewed Vermicelli. But since we only had space for one, we opted for the 乌巴叶焖米粉 ($16) stewed vermicelli in opeh leaf. Having fully absorbed the essence of the seafood stock, the stewed vermicelli were wet and tasty, with bonus bits of deep-fried flat fish to enhance the aroma and texture.

A meal couldn't be complete without desserts and the selection here isn't extensive. But that's not a problem as we spotted the one with like to try--Orh Nee with Coconut Milk ($5). The yam wasn't too sweet but nothing spectacular like the mains. On the other hand, the Soy Milk Pudding with Mango Sago Purée tasted strangely like a coffee pudding.

Overall, the food here is very reasonably priced and the menu offers a good mix of classic and innovative dishes. Singapore Chilli Crab Fried Kway Teow? Hainanese Pork Belly? I'm not in a rush to be back but I know this definitely won't be the last time I'll dine in here.

1 Figaro Street Singapore 458322
Tel: 6538-3533