Ichonoki 甘味処いちょうの木 : Long Queue Kakigori but so Oishii

Queued for 1.5 hour and finish eating in 10min. But this small Kakigori shop in Kita Shinagawa truly has something on its sleeves as my friend and I agreed that the queue was worth it, albeit the rather unpleasant service.

Despite the limited seats of only 4 tables and one person running the entire Kakigori shop, there's more than 30 options on the menu. For once, I can proudly say that items that look colorful, CAN taste very very delicious. None of the items cost more than 800 yen and there's so much ingredients and flavors going on in every bowl. Who would have expect Ajisai to be konnyaku + matcha + mint + cornflake? Or Zunda to go with caramel coffee and bran flakes? It's sounds like a rojak but the flavor works! And so does the roaring business here.

But I guess the owner lady must be pretty satisfied with her earnings to turn down any additional orders. Strictly no additional order after the first round (this should be explicitly indicated to customers in advance). And good luck if you can get into the shop after more than hour queue.

Operating hours vary according to seasons
11.30am-6.30pm (until 4pm on Sat/PH)
Closed on Thurs and Sun