Miyazaki Mansaku 宮崎料理 万作 : Only Place in Tokyo to Taste Buri Chicken

"Chicken in Japan tastes better than those in Singapore", according to my folks.
Don't think dirty. I'm talking about the chicken from the fowl family.
The sight of any kind of chicken, deep-fried or steam (preferably steamed), gets my folks excited whenever they make a trip to Japan because they simply love to eat chicken. Therefore, I brought them to Mansaku, the Tokyo outpost of a Miyazaki restaurant established since Showa Year 9. The menu features a wide selection of Miyazaki specialties from the jidori (aka kampong chicken), Miyazaki beef, and Kurobuta and locally produced vegetables.

The signature dish was none other than the premium Buritori no Momoyaki (2380yen) a charcoal grilled dish featuring the local Miyazaki breed Buritori chicken. I must confessed that the chicken were so black that they didn't look appetizing at all. I haven't tasted enough chickens in Singapore to do a fair comparison but these elite chickens from Miyazaki are firmer, chewier and more muscular than the usual chicken I come across in Tokyo.

The only seasoning here is salt but less is more because all one needs is the natural taste of the chicken. Nonetheless, it was still pricey to me and I wonder if there's a huge difference if I order the cheaper alternative using Kirishima tori at 1780yen.

If you really want a taste of Buritori, I recommend you to get the signature Oyakodon. The eggs were slightly too runny for an Oyakodon but thankfully the taste wasn't diluted. The Chicken Shio Soba was a pretty comforting bowl of clear soup ramen but the broth was too salty.

One must-try dish is the Kirishima tori nanban style (920yen); a golden slab of juicy yet crunchy chicken doused in tartar sauce. Heck the calories and dig in when it's piping hot. The Kirishima Kurobuta Kakuni (1080 yen) is another classic dish done well as the pork was tender and flavorful. It was also a good break from all the chicken.

We went ahead to order three salads, even though the waitress advised not to as the portion was huge. My all time favourite has always been potato salad and the version here did not disappoint. It's not just potato but chunks of root vegetables bound together with perfect seasoning. Reservations are highly recommended unless not dining at peak hours.

Shibuya Hikarie 6F
Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyo 150-8510