Delifucius : Premium fish burgers by sushi chef

 Fucking delicious?

Well, not quite there yet but I must say the fish burgers here at Delifucious are delicious. Opened barely for a month, Delifucius has become the next hot spot in Nakameguro where one can find artisanal beer, cheese and pizzas. Delifucius means delicious + fucking, and it sells unique fish burgers which you can’t find elsewhere. And who could have been so upfront and confident in his food? Someone who has been dealing with fish, of course.

Chef Shinya Kudo has clocked over 10 years of experience in high-end sushi restaurants including the 2-starred Michelin restaurant Ginza Harutaka which takes in customers by reservation only. Just like any sushi chef who is exceptionally particular about freshness, Chef Shinya sources the fish from Tsukiji market daily. The signature item is none other than the Konbu-zime burger. The fish, which varies according to the season, is wrapped in konbu for 2 days to absorb the umami from the seaweed. It is then fried and sandwiched with homemade coleslaw and a special slimy tofu wafu sauce. The lightness and crispness of the fish is unbeatable and the taste of the meat was simply beautiful.

My friend loves this burger but I prefer the grilled saikyo-yaki (fish grilled with miso) burger. I can’t resist the caramelized sweetness from the fish even though it might be slightly less tender than the Konbu-zime burger. The buns are just small enough to hold the hefty fillings and no one will disagree that the food is truly value for money.

Expect to queue for at least 1 hour if you drop by during peak hours. Even if there are empty seats inside, the staff will still restrict the number of diners inside. But you’ll see that most people will still queue patiently outside. After all, how often do you get to eat cheap and tasty fish burgers done by a Michelin-star sushi chef?  
1-9-13 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
東京都目黒区東山1-9-13 1F 
11:30 a.m.-9 p.m.; closed Wed
Budget: ~1000 yen

 Saikyo-yaki burger
 Konbu-zime burger