Bondolfi Boncafe : Sakura Aragosta Soft Serve

To spring and all things beautiful.

While people were chasing after Sakura bloom, I was busy catching the limited edition Sakura theme food. Bondolfi Boncafe is a famous Italian Coffee brand that was established since 1855 and its 6th generation owners opened its first Japan outlet right in Tenoha Daikanyama. It has launched its own Sakura menu and the most sought after item is the Sakura Aragosta Soft Serve (600 yen).

I've always wanted to check out its Espresso Aragosta Soft Serve so this was a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The Sakura Soft Serve was pretty sweet at first but I gradually grew to love the pickled taste that sung with alacrity in the creamy swirl. Perhaps because we tasted the Sakura first, the Espresso was lighter but rather bland. It should be called coffee and not espresso. There's nothing except for a mound of custard cream inside the flaky shell but it wasn't lonely with the generous serving of soft serve. As for the Sakura Latte (550 yen), it was too sweet and overpriced.

Daily 10am-9pm