Crisscross Omotesando : Triple Sakura Pancakes

Crisscross Omotesando, one of the cafes under Tyler's Group has launched the seasonal Triple Sakura Pancakes (1500 yen), a trio of buttermilk pancakes layered with white bean paste that's mixed with salted Sakura petals and draped in a rich Sakura Sauce. The presence of Sakura was evident and not too sweet at all. However, the texture of buttermilk pancakes bordered on the average and reminded me of McDonald's Hotcakes.

As one order (either drinks or food) per person is required, we deliberated over the menu and picked the Omelette Sandwich (1300 yen) eventually. The bread comes from Breadwork, it's sister bakery next door, but sadly it was not toasted. The sandwich tasted strange due to the jarring presence of orange marmalade jam. There's a light spread of mayonnaise and chives within the egg layers but nothing particularly special other than that.

Crisscross Omotesando
107-0062 東京都港区南青山5-7-28
8am-9pm daily