[RECIPE] Salted Caramel Sauce by Sadaharu Aoki

Making caramel always get me on my nerves as I have the tendency to overcook the sugar. But once you become good friends with your pan, you will become more confident at controlling the heat and avoid the mistakes made.
I first came across this recipe as I was attempting to recreate the Tarte au Caramel Sale by Sadaharu Aoki as shown above (posted on my IG @dairyandcream) It can be found in his Japanese recipe book, "パリ発!サダハル・アオキのフランス菓子”--a book which I have always been using for the past months.Ever since I had the taste of sweet success, I have been remaking this delicious recipe and even stock up jars of them in my fridge, which can be used as caramel spread on bread or dips for crackers!  

Just don't be afraid to try again if you fail on the first time. Good Luck!

Salted Caramel Sauce Recipe adapted from Sadaharu Aoki's "From Paris! Pastries by Sadaharu Aoki"

[Ingredients] makes enough to fill 10 tart shells of 7cm diameter and 1.5cm height 
Sugar 169g
Unsalted Butter 126g
38% fat whipping cream 211g
Vanilla Pod 1 stick
Salt 8g
Glucose 85g


1) Sliced the vanilla pod into half and scrape all vanilla beans into the bowl of 38% fat whipping cream. Sit aside to allow the vanilla to infuse with the cream

2) Placed the sugar in a pan (ensure that there is no water) and start the heat. Swirl the pan as the sugar melts. *Do not use spatula or spoon to stir to avoid crystallization

3) Once they turn amber brown, add in the unsalted butter. *Be careful not to burn yourself

4)  Add in the cream, followed by salt and glucose. 

5) Continue to stir and cook on moderate heat until the sauce thickens. Remove from heat to cool. If you have a candy thermometer, the sauce is ready at 70 degree celsius. Alternatively, it should be able to coat a spoon or your spatula and leave a line behind as you wipe with your finger. 

6) If you are diligent enough, you can sieve the sauce again before storing them. 

Translated from the original Japanese recipe by yours truly. 


  1. Hi does the recipe book include his simpler but still stunning loaf /pound cake recipes ? I always buy those individually prepacked cakes to go as a souvenir to extend savoring the enjoyment back home and I can never reengineer the cakes as simple as they look with only a short ingredient list. Is it all in Japanese ?


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