Patisserie Paris S'eveille : A Taste of Paris in Tokyo

If not for the Japanese street names and Japanese conversations around me, I would have thought that I was in Paris. 

Be it the exterior wooden signboard or the vintage inspired interior design, Paris D Seville is no different from any of the grand old pastry shops in France. But this place is not owned or run by any French patissier. Pastry Chef Yoshiaki Kaneko opened this Paris-inspired patisserie cum bistro since 2003 and the place is always packed with people especially during weekends. It is not surprising that the pastries stay rooted in French tradition as Chef Kaneko trained for several years under "Laduree", "Alan Ducasse", "Arnaud Larher" and "Le Daniel". 

I am not a fan of rum baba but I wanted to try its signature item, the Savarin vin rouges (¥620). It turned out to be pretty good--pleasantly infused with spices but not overdone. The Cinammon Yogurt Chantily helped to lighten the citrusy sweetness from the orange jam and purée. One bite of the spongy savarin and you'll get framboise wine juices squishing out into your mouth. 
The Giverny (¥620) was of course, one of my choice since it was a glorious affair on the happiest nut on Earth. The Pistachio feuilettine, pistachio biscuit sponge, pistachio Bavaroise and framboise gelee were locked beneath the milky sweet Rum Chocolat Blanc mousse. It was rather dry and clumpy initially, but became silkier as it rose to room temperature.  

Monsieur Arnaud (Hazelnut Dacquoise Orange chocolate, milk chocolate shards)
The Monsieur Arnaud (¥650) tasted as delicious as it looked. It's similar to a Plasir Sucre except that there is some orange twist to the chocolate. This can be both a good and bad thing, depends on whether one likes orange with cacao. But not everything was truly stuck in time. The St D Honore d Automn (¥620) had a puckery-sweet Yuzu Jam above the Creme Chocolate filling and beneath the cloud-like Praline Chantily. Together with a crumbly biscuit base and Praline Creme Patisserie, this is definitely one of the best St Honore I've had in Japan 
Last but not least, another of my favourite is this L'oasis (¥580), a tart orange cheese cream mousse cake with orange white chocolate. The flavors weaved together remarkably well and this brought a note of refreshing summer breeze amidst the cold rainy autumn during my visit.

Patisserie Paris S'eveille パティスリー パリ セヴェイユ
2-14-5, Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-0035, Japan
〒152-0035, 2丁目-14-5 自由が丘 目黒区 東京都 
Daily 10am-8pm