HARBS Japan : Overhyped Cream Cakes

Many have recommended me to try HARBS but the price and the copious amount cream just doesn't appeal to me. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try recently but I'm even more convinced that it would be my last visit. 

Firstly, there was a ridiculous queue despite having several empty tables inside. The manager could simply usher those in the queue to the tables instead of taking his own sweet time. Secondly, there was a minimum order of 1 drink per guest and the cheapest drink, coffee would have chalked up ¥600. Thirdly, the awry quality of the food did not justify the price tag. 

The Croque Madame (¥1000) came with two wafer-thin sandwich toasts with cheddar cheese and ham, a far contrast from the thick fluffy picture on the menu. Worse still, they were deep-fried and thus very greasy, with an accompanying coleslaw that is the saltiest kind I've ever had. 
And as for the signature millecrepe cake, it's not too sweet but just be warned that there is more cream than crepe. I could still handle this since I love cream but the rest of the cakes on display is seriously daunting. Take for example the Mont Blanc Tart is literally a volcano of cream. Call me a cake snob but it makes no monetary sense just to fork money for cream when I can get plenty of more sophisticated cakes elsewhere. 

Perhaps it's the media effect as I noticed that most of the customers came from Taiwan, China or Hong Kong. In any case, this place is plainly over-hyped.