Totoshigure @ Shibuya : Overflowing Ikura Goodness

Do you like ikura? If yes, Totoshigure is one of the places to head to if you like to eat your fill of Ikura at a super reasonable price. It's signature dish is a bowl of warm white rice topped that is poured with a bowl of huge-sized Ikura roe at your table. The amount is so overwhelming that the rice bowl comes with a larger bowl to catch any collapsing gems, and hence its name "kobore" Ikura don (kobore= collapse)

The Ikura roe may not be unlimited but there is more than enough Ikura roe to go with the rice as these shoyu-cured salmon roe are very salty. Certainly, not everyone will fancy the tiny explosion of umami juices in every mouthful but if you haven't try it before, it's worth giving a shot.
Rice bowls or sushi topped with massive amount of sashimi isn't anything novel but the recent spotlight seemed to have landed on Ikura. This is a very good deal at (¥1590) especially if you are on a budget yet looking for a satisfying and lavish meal. This is because an average packet of premium Ikura roe of this size costs nearly ¥1000.
Moreover, every order of rice comes with unlimited servings of vegetable stick in miso + mayonnaise dip and 漁師汁 (ryoushi-jiru), seafood miso soup in which you can find chunks of fish and fish bone. How generous!
The other rice bowl is the Seafood Jewel Box that is topped with an equal amount of Uni (sea urchin) and Ikura (salmon roe). It's more expensive at around ¥2250 but I prefer the Ikura bowl was tastier probably because the rice was warm.
Located at the basement of a random Shibuya street, this izakaya also serves all kinds of light bites, beers, and grilled food. One appetizing dish to order is the raw toro with Uni (¥890) トロたくあん絶品ウニのせ that was served with crunchy seaweed papers. The salt from the seaweed provided a fine balance to the sweetness of the sashimi, making this one of the more successful raw fish stack I've ever tasted.

Totoshigure ととしぐれ
〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, Shibuya 3-13-7
Mon-Fri (except PH) 11.30am-3pm 
Daily 5pm-5am