Kagurazaka Saryo : Matcha Fondue and SMORES

Frozen SMORES seemed like the hot food right now. 

After having the Frozen Smores from Dominique Ansel Bakery Tokyo, this is my 2nd consecutive Smores dessert which is probably inspired by the former as it is a new item introduced in recent months. But as a cafe that is famous for Japanese style sweets, it turns this half-marshmallow half-ice cream treat into a matcha version (¥810) that is served in a rectangular casserole. 

I think anyone can imagine the sweetness with marshmallows but this has an extra bitter edge arising from the crispy burnt top layer. The hot Creme-brûlée-like crust crackles as you spoon into it, clinging stubbornly onto your spoon as you try to reach for the matcha ice cream and granola beneath. 

It's good that there is still some sense originality in this dessert but I think it will be my first and last time having this as I prefer having matcha ice cream on its own. There is another seasonal flavor, Mont Blanc Frozen Smores but I can predict that the sweetness will be worse. 

But this trip still paid off handsomely as I finally got to try the Matcha Fondue (¥920) which was unavailable at the Shibuya outlet for some unknown reason. This was excellently rich dense and luscious, comparable to the one from Ichinoha Kyoto, albeit in a slightly smaller portion. The crunchy and flaky Millefeuille and soft chewy dangos worked beautifully with the deep bittersweet matcha but it was pointless to have the ridiculously sweet vanilla ice cream. 

Nonetheless, it might be good to come back in October for their Pumpkin Fondue. And that time, I'll be sure to order their Houjicha Curry Pork Rice. 

Kagurazaka Saryo Tokyo Dome City Outlet
Tokyo Dome City MeetPorts 3F
Bunkyo-ku Korakuen 1-3-61

東京ドームシティ ミーツポート 3F
11am-11pm daily
Access: 1min walk from JR Suidobashi South Exit