Teppei Syokudo @ ION Orchard : Fish and more fish

Fish. A lot of fish. 

I stared in awe when my bowl of Kaisen don appeared in front of me. There was so much ingredients--shirasu, salmon, maguro, hotate, Ikura, tempura crisps, seaweed, yuzu furikake--all contravening the conventions of a Kaisen don that typically contains raw seafood and Ikura. But the taste remains as delicious as it can be. 

The latest outlet of Teppei Syokudo in Ion Orchard basement offers diners the opportunity to customize your own seafood rice bowl or salad by choosing your own ingredients and premium toppings. 

How it works: pick the size (S for $8.80, M for $15.80, L for $19.80)> choose the base (sushi rice/salad) --> choose the basic seafood ingredients ranging from the 定番 salmon to baby scallops (2/4/6 choices for S/M/L size respectively) --> pick unlimited no. of premium ingredients such as Tamagoyaki, Unagi, Mentaiko, Ikura, etc. (@$3.80 per portion)
The raw sashimi were not overly salty but the Ikura roe were quite assertive. Hence, it is best to have the slight sweet and vinegared sushi rice as the base if one is opting more flavorful ingredients such as Mentaiko, Ikura Roe or furikake toppings. A M-sized bowl should more than suffice as the portions were generous. 

The combination of the sweet Sakura flakes, unagi, Mentaiko and salmon works best for me as the taste is well-balanced without making me feel jaded with too much raw seafood. I won't say that a meal here is cheap but it's a quick and convenient place to satisfy sashimi cravings. 

Teppei Syokudo @ ION Orchard