Lee Wee & Brothers @ Raffles City Basement: Nasi Lemak So Shiok!

If not for the vouchers won in the 8dayseat Instagram contest, I doubt I would have known that Lee Brothers sell more than Otah. And more importantly, I would not even have learnt that it has such an interesting history. Lee Brothers was started as a humble stall in Old Changi Airport Road by the three brothers who sold otahs based on the heritage recipe imparted from their mother. 

The menu expanded into Nasi Lemak and Curry as business grew and the brothers decided to set up a central factory where the food products are made fresh daily using the ingredients that are sourced personally by the brothers.

I've always enjoyed the otahs from Lee Brothers whenever family friends brought them to my house for gatherings. Usually we would have the same variety such as fish, prawn, squid and the larger-size banana leaf Otah and thus I was surprised to find out that there are so many other flavors at one of the takeaway shops located in Raffles City basement.

There are even crab, fish roe and fish head! But one of the best things during this visit was the delicious Nasi Lemak Set that was priced very reasonably at $4, considering that the stall location and the filling portions.
You can choose the type of set which varies according to the main ingredient ranging from chicken wings, fish cutlet to even Ebi prawn. Besides the warm coconut rice, fish cake, cucumber that were included in every set, the Sambal Chilli and ikan billis peanuts were packed in separate sachets—a thoughtful approach to ensure that they stay fresh and crisp.

Although the deep fried chicken wing was rather soggy, it did not dampen our satisfaction as the coconut rice was utterly fragrant and indispensable to the meal. Every spoonful was full of amazing flavor and I committed a heinous crime to open the jar of sambal chilli ($4.80 for a 250-g jar) because I couldn't stop digging into the rice with the sweet-spicy paste. And since the pack of ikan billis ($4.20 for 100g) which was so conveniently within reach next to my rice, I tore it open and the rest was history.

I've heard others commented that this could possibly beat the famous Nasi Lemak from Adam's Road. I can't make a judgement since it has been more than 10 years since I last frequented that stall. And this doesn't matter whether this is the best or not.

I'm a happy person as long as I have the coconut rice + ikan bilis + sambal chilli. 

Shiok lah!
Lee Wee & Brothers
Various Outlet including Raffles City Shopping Mall, NEX, JEM, Tampines Mall and Rivervale Mall (dine-in)
Raffles City Outlet 
252, North Bridge Road #B1-57
Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
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