Shinshindo 進々堂 : Kyoto Boulangerie Since 1913

Most restaurants/shops opened only at 10am or 11am and so finding an ideal breakfast spot (other than typical fast food or convenience stores) can be quite a pain. Bakeries are usually the best options as they open as early as 7am and doles out morning breakfast sets apart from the wide variety of choices. 

When one is in Kyoto, eat Kyoto. Shinshindo is an authentic Kyoto bakery with more than 100 years of history since 1913. The outlet at Oike-dori offers a cosy intimate space to enjoy a cup of hot drink and bread while watching the world go by. All the items we tried were excellent, from the crunchy Banana Walnut croquant to the seasonal chestnut buns. 
Do try the fluffy and creamy Tamago sandwich that is produced in limited numbers daily. The steamed buns in matcha or black sugar flavor are soft and moist, unlike some others that are sticky, chewy especially when they turned cold

Shinshindo 進々堂
Oike outlet:
Kyoto, Nagakyo-ku, Oike-dori, Yanagi Baba, Higashi-iri
Daily 7.30am-8pm 
For details, visit :