Kashiwai Temari Sushi : One ball at a time

There are all kinds of sushi in this world 

In Kanto region, there is the Temaki sushi (wrapped like a cylindrical cone) while in the Kansai region, the Oshi-sushi pressed box sushi is more commonly seen especially in the Osaka area. 

Another kind of sushi, Temari sushi, is not something new but has been gaining wave in Kyoto. These are small, ball-sized sushi that are not only as delicious as usual sushi, but also scores high on the cute factor. As such, it is not surprising that Temari bentos are popular among the Japanese ladies and I could literally hear them squeal "Kawaii~"
If you like to try Temari sushi, head to Kashiwai, a restaurant located next to a Japanese ware shop called Saison du Japon in the Kitayama area. It sells te-tsunami sushi for dine-in and takeaway in 6, 10, 15 or 20 pieces. The sushi rice is cooked with red vinegar (赤酢) and executed so well that they remained soft, chewy and not too clumpy despite the dry, chilly weather. In addition, the sushi ingredients are sourced locally such as fresh yuba, salted mackerel and assorted pickles

Don't look down on the size as they will fill you up in no seconds. Though reservations for their bentos for pick up at JR Kyoto Isetan are highly recommended, there are still few non-reserved Bentos for those early birds. If you are hankering for a wholesome Japanese dining experience, check out the main shop in Kitayama 
秋のつまみ寿し Autumn Set (from right to left, top to bottom)

生麩 粟麩をカレーちりめんのお味で Nama Gyu and Curry Chirimen
蒸し海老 才巻海老に大徳寺納豆をきかせて Steamed Prawn with Daitokuji Natto
鱧の白焼き あっさりと梅肉 Shiroyaki Hamo with Pickled Plum
椎茸旨煮 こぶりの干し椎茸を煮含めました Sweet simmered shiitake
貝柱 さっと炙ってウニ風味 Scallop with aburi uni
近江こんにゃく 梅くらげと和えて Oumi Konnyaku in Ume Kurage
干瓢 甘辛く煮て江戸前の仕事を Kanpyo
生湯葉 棒湯葉を千切りにして薄味で煮含めました 紅葉麩を添えて Nama Yuba with Maple Gyu
スモークサーモン ハーブを添えてさわやかに Smoked Salmon with Herbs
エリンギ茸 薄味に炊き上げました Eringi (mushrooms) 
生菓子 甘さを控えて炊いた粒あんに栗を包んだ茶巾しぼり Dessert (Red bean with Chestnuts) 
鯛の昆布〆糸昆布も挟んでポン酢の味で Tai in Ponzu
ヅケまぐろ 湯引きにして、特製醤油に漬けました。 Special Shoyu Maguro
焼き穴子 甘さを控えたたれ焼き。実山椒と Grilled Anago with Sansho
〆鯖 あぶらの乗った眞鯖を酢〆に Shime Saba

Kashiwai 花梓侘
Takeaway: 11:00-18:00, Eat-in: 12:00-14:00 (L.O.)
55 Kamigamo Imaikawara-machi, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Prices from 1080 yen for a 6-pc box