NEW White Bee Hoon Zichar @ 628 Ang Mo Kio Market

It seems like Singaporeans love white bee hoon. 

Even though this is not Sembawang White Bee Hoon, it has been attracting long queues for its white bee hoon since it opened for business in October this year. 

I thought the White Bee Hoon would be a dry version so I was rather upset when I realized it is rather soupy. Yet I gradually grew to enjoy it as the broth was very sweet. Be delighted to find chunky (not bits) of pork lard which enhanced the aroma and flavour of the noodles.

Don't ask me whether this is better than Sembawang Bee Hoon as I have not tried the latter before. But black-faced dad says that this is way more delicious than the Sembawang stall. Perhaps you can be he judge. 

The standard one-pax size is $5 but I think it's good for 2 already as the portion is substantially huge. $10 was too much for my family of 4. $8 (picture above) was still a lot for us but at least we did not have leftover when we "dabao"-ed and had it at home. 

As you can see, the chef is pretty generous on the ingredients; fish slices, pig liver, prawns, tau pok, eggs, sotong, pork lard......

The Curry Fish Head and Bittergourd Fish Head were the remaining signature dishes and so Pretty Mum called the shot to order the Curry Fish Head. Unfortunately, the fish head was disappointing as the fish was not fresh (Black faced dad reasoned that the storage temperature was not handled properly as the chef was too busy). The curry broth was heady in coconut milk aroma but lacked the spicy kick. 

If you love your pork lard, you will pretty much enjoy the Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves as well as it is sinfully spammed with lard. 

But the star of the day was the unassuming plate of Chye Poh Tofu (Preserved Radish Deep Fried Beancurd/菜埔豆腐 $6). The amazing chemistry between crispy CHYE POH + CURRY LEAVES + CHILLI PADI simply makes it hard to stop. While most credit goes to the toppings, the silky tofu and luscious sweet-savoury sauce shine in this dish as well. THIS is a MUST TRY.

Business is brisk and be prepared to wait, wait and wait for your food. After all, it is only one person who is helming the wok day in and day out within such a small space (even smaller than typical zichar stalls!). And don't be frustrated if you are not served before the customer who ordered after you. 

Such things do happen. Don't take it too hard. 

72 小厨之家 
628 Ang Mo Kio Market and Food Centre
Blk 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-86 Singapore 560628
Daily 11am-2pm / 5pm-10pm