Saryou Suisen 茶寮 翠泉 Kyoto : Hidden Good Find

This place may not boast a long history but it  is definitely one of the most promising tea houses I've ever visited in Japan. 

Like many of the Kyoto tea cafes, Saryou Suisen dishes out standard sweets such as parfaits, zenzais and latte. However, it is rare to have Warabi Mochi made freshly upon order and served to the guests WARM with kinako powder and black sugar syrup. 
出来立て、ほっこり抹茶わらびもち (¥630)
The plate of green gloop might not appeal in looks but the taste is excellently rich and not sweet at all. It's soft, less chewy and more stretchy than the typical warabi mochi. 
If you ever tasted this freshly made version, you will find it difficult to find another one which can surpass this level of deliciousness. It is THAT GOOD.
抹茶あわ雪氷 (800 yen) + 抹茶ソフト (250 yen)
Instead of the parfait, we opted for the lighter kakigori disregarding the fact that the weather was chilly. I topped up the soft serve at an additional ¥220 as I use this as a benchmark to compare between matcha cafes. And this soft serve is not tame at all; creamy, smooth with a lingering milk aroma, making up for the kakigori (half matcha and half condensed milk flavor) which was less fluffy than expected.
Last but not least, their beverages are the definite companion to any of their sweets. The matcha 3D latte art will most likely evoke the child in anyone and put a smile on your face but it is more than just presentation. 

The warm latte is an especially comforting treat in autumn but if you are hankering for the authentic zen experience, it's none other than the O-matcha (¥680)
お抹茶 (お茶菓子付け)¥680

Saryou Suisen 茶寮 翠泉
Karasuma Oike outlet 烏丸御池店 
Kyoto shi, Nakagyo ku, Ryogae cbo, Oshikoji Dori, Agaru Kinbukicho 461 
(Same building as Karasuma Medical Mall ) 1F
TEL : 075-221-7010 
Daily : 10.30am-6pm (LO 5.30pm)
Closed every Wed

Access: 5 min walk from Exit 2 Subway Karasuma Line, Karasuma Oike Station
地下鉄烏丸線 烏丸御池駅2番出口より徒歩5分 
Map :