Cattleya Kyoto カトレア: Old Cake Shop Since 1960

I would never have known the existence of this old Kyoto cake shop if it had not appeared at Nihonbashi Takashimaya weekly rotating sweets booth. Similar to most independent patisseries, Cattleya is one of the old-school Japanese patisseries located in the quiet Nishino town of Kyoto. 
Given that most foreigners and locals alike would rarely travel to Nishino in the first place, it is a smart move for the owners to bring their products to more populated cities like Tokyo. Of course, this implies that consumers like me also benefit since we do not have to travel all the way there. 
But in all honesty, the products are decent yet not something that I would travel thousands of miles for. The Half-baked matcha chocolate cake is creamy but not overwhelming; highly comparable to the standards of famous Hokkaido cheesecake Snaffles. But the use of Chocolate added a brilliant wash of milkiness and sweetness to complement the bitter matcha.
Another star was their O-matcha roll cake which contained a thin layer of Warabi Mochi in the cream. One can't help but be reminded of a typical cream-filled Daifuku, but having it in the form of roll cake is more appealing since the ratio is obviously tilted towards the filling rather than the skin. 

A true blue made-in-Kyoto pudding as the "Sakura Egg" and Miyama Milk 

That said, it is difficult to judge the standards since their perishable items such as whole entremets and petite gateaus were not available at the pop up stall. Perhaps my opinion will change should I visit their main shop one day.

Cattleya Kyoto カトレア
Nishino Main Outlet 西野本店
〒607-8348 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Yamashina-ku, Nishinohiromichō, 46−11 
Access: 15min walk from Subway Tozai Line " 東野" station