Vietnamese: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

If a shop calls itself authentic, then it must really have the good stuff to earn that name. And this Vietnamese hawker stall at Ghim Moh is a good example of cheap, delicious and authentic cuisine. 
Honestly, I seldom try Vietnamnese cuisine (the last one being Madam Saigon from Millenia Walk). But after hearing a tip-off from someone who has tried plenty of Vietnam food overseas, there must be something worth checking out.  
A Must Try dish is Bun thit nuong ($4.50), a colorful medley of soft bee hoon crowned with grilled pork, fried spring rolls, cucumber and pickled carrots, chilli, mint leaf and toasted peanuts.  I thought it looked dry but it wasn't. 
Once you tossed everything evenly, every bite is full of sweet and sour juices that is superbly appetizing and refreshing for a hot afternoon. The char siew pork could be more thinly sliced as it was slightly dry and not fully marinated. But that few pieces of pork would not refrain one from enjoying the bowl.  

For something hot, go for the Pho Bo- a slurpy piquant bowl of beef rice noodles ($4.50). This does not win points for complexity, but its simple ingredients--lean beef meat, mint leaf, corianders and a good beef stock bring out the flavours. Plus, it was not salty and so we emptied the bowl CLEAN. 
Mango and Seafood Salad ($4.50) might sound and look a lot like the Thai Papaya salad. But no, this packs a much bigger punch and does not require a lot of teeth work to digest the dominantly raw greens as in Thai Salad. 

Here, the mango are freshly grated into thin slices, then mixed with carrots and green papaya. The sweet-sour sauce tasted similar Bun thit nuong but this is so moreish that one goes for more helpings.  
We were too full for the Spring Rolls ($2.50 for 2pcs), which is made of same components as Bun thit nuong. If you have limited stomach space, it is better to opt for the Bun thit nuong.

All the food were prepared by the lady owner is a friendly Vietnamnese, who can speak in Chinese and English.
And every dish was excellent, from the noodles right down to the condiments. The light, non-greasy carbohydrates did not leave us feeling overstuff or thirsty. 

With such delicious, authentic and cheap Vietnam cuisine, I hope this stall can stay after Ghim Moh closed for renovation next year. 

Vietnamese:Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine 
01-32 Ghim Moh Market 
Open: 8am to 8pm daily
(Near to Holland Village/Buona Vista MRT)

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  1. I didn't remember seeing this stall when I went to Ghim Moh Market back then. This must be quite new?

    1. Yeps, I believe it is a quite a new stall at a corner of ghim moh, same row as the auntie peanut ice kachang. I have not tried many Vietnam cuisine in Sg yet but I brought my family tgt and we all enjoyed the food very much :) Hope that your experience there will be good if you going to try it next time!


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