The Lawn: Chic Garden of Greens & Meat

It's that time of the day again. Lethargic, listless......stomachs growl especially enthusiastically around noon and evening. But I have discovered a new delicious place in the CBD area, thanks to fellow foodie friend, Si Han, who introduced me to the Lawn.  Unlike the Biopolis outlet, one orders the salad just like how you order your Dimsum on a piece of paper.  After payment, receive this buzzer and wait patiently for the food. I actually prefer this style as one does not have to wait for people queuing in front to think and pick their own toppings and dressings.  
The basic salad base option comes with 5 toppings and 1 dressing at $9.90. But don't forget to tick the boxes of "grilled items"The wide gamut of chicken, beef and seafood--prepared with expertise--suggests that there is absolutely no lack of protein.
BUT....STOP, is it all meat? NOPE! Vegetarians can enjoy grilled asparagus, eggplant and mushrooms too!  
At the Lawn, dressings are the king. From gooey Maple Peanut Butter to Manly Mango, the dressings are potions that make salads come alive. Think of prawn paste in a plate of rojak.  

New concoctions are (bottom row from left): Beachy Peachy (peach puree with white wine vinegar),  Balsamic with Olive Oil (more for the angmoh tastebuds) and Wafu (one that sounds deceivingly Japanese but tastes richer probably by a factor of 10 with mayonaise added).One of the intriguing sauces was the orangey Me So Spicy sauce that reeked of Tom Yum.  For my customized salad, I picked the butter-seared Pacific dory which came in a huge slab piled on a vibrant mix of celery, olives, Beetroot, corn and crunchy granola. The giant salad bowls which were as big as claypot rice, left me in awe and I'm convinced it can easily feed any voracious eater.

For my dressing, I chose the Wasahoney, a green mixture of wasabi, honey and mayonnaise that looked like kaya, since I love spicy stuff. It threw me off the hooks as I was not expecting the wasabi to be so piquant that it choked my nostrils.  A good sign that quality ingredients are used. 

Carbo-lovers eat well here too. The olive rice, cooked according to the Teochew recipe of the owner's grandmother, is a tastier substitute for white rice that you can indulge with new grilled items like tender Cajun-style/Teriyaki chicken or even the garlicky Mixed MushroomsFor soup lovers, consider the soup shot ($2) or soup bowl ($4). We did not have to dive deep before finding loads of black mushroom bits in the velvety soup. 
Toppings for your salad/rice: Ben's Beef Rub
Toppings for your salad/rice: Grilled Mixed Mushroom 
Oriental Style Tasty Olive Rice
One need not be an expert to forecast which combination looks well as it will always turn out more beautiful than what you imagined. Here's a healthy salad pot with boiled eggs, Beetroot, olives, cherry tomatoes, grilled prawns sprinkled with Parmesan CheeseCafe hoppers may recognise this familiar cuppa of coffee. Yes, owner Jonathan, also a coffee guru and lover, is smittened with Smitten's coffee that he has decided to fetch the coffee drinks here from the Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar. 
By mixing and matching your favourite toppings and dressings, I'm sure one can never be bored of the food here. A meal at this outlet may cost more than a basic salad meal elsewhere, especially if you are famished. This is not because you are in the heart of CBD area, but because you are eating remarkably well. 

Shenton Outlet:

8 Shenton Way, #B1-11, AXA Tower

Mon-Fri 10.30am-9pm

Close on Weekends

Biopolis Outlet

31 Biopolis Way, Nanos #01-07, Singapore 138669

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Special thanks to Si Han and friendly owner Jonathan for the invitation!
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  1. I've tried the lawn before and I absolute love it! They are really fresh and affordable. :)

    1. Yeps, I’ve read your post. This is definitely nearer to SMU since its 2 stops away from city hall if u take the green line. But of course, I hope the business will continue to prosper and expand into the heartlands (rental might be too expensive if it’s in town) :D

  2. Sihan told me about your visit to The Lawn last night. I was quite disappointed with the ordering concept but guess they have to adapt to the working rush hour. Always been a fan of The Lawn, look forward to more outlets from them.

    1. what is wrong with the ordering concept here?

    2. Hi Derrick,
      Thanks for dropping by here and my facebook page too.
      Yeps, I seen pictures and read about the Biopolis outlet and do understand why both of you prefer the original ordering concept. But guess the limited space might be another factor as well. I can’t wait to bring my family to the Biopolis outlet on a Sunday to try the food there. And yes, hopefully they can open more outlets, best if near our houses! :P

    3. I mean what's the difference? What is the ordering concept like at the biopolis outlet? Isn't it the same?

    4. Hi Anonymous,

      I am afraid I am not in the best position to answer your question as I have yet been to the Biopolis outlet. Based on my brief observation, both concepts work on the same idea that the salads are assembled fresh upon every order. Unlike the concept shown in my post, Diners at Biopolis outlet order straight in front of the salad counter without writing down on paper. Also, they can also watch the meat grilled 'live' next to the salad counter, but diners can't see anything as the grilling kitchen is behind the salad bar at Shenton Way. Nevertheless, I believe the quality of the food is not compromised in either ordering method so I'm sure you'll enjoy the meal here.

  3. The grilled mixed mushrooms looks so good.!! And the Me So Spicy sauce just as good!


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