GODIVA Singapore: Mid-Autumn Festival 2013

Instead of the usual mooncakes this mid-autumn, would you like to gaze at the moon with some mooncake chocolate? With some vouchers at hand, I decided to splurge on GODIVA's Mid-autumn Festival 2013 Limited Edition collection. Otherwise, I would have to wait till I strike lottery or wait for payday before I could get my hands on these royal Belgium treats.

I am not sure of last year's theme but Godiva is really adventurous at playing with fruits. With every chocolate bearing its unique fruity personality, savouring each piece of the  petite creations is like meeting a new lover. The Pépite Mooncake Chocolates (Pépite meaning nuggets), is a series of 3 different flavoured chocolate pralines. 
For milk chocolate fans, the Apricot-Peach Crunchy is a stone fruit blend of chocolate with Ghana milk cocoa powder, Turkish hazelnut and Louisiana walnut. 

If you pursue the dark side, the 64% cacao Peru dark chocolate delivers an irresistible crunch with caramel hazelnut, soybeans in Hawaiian almond paste for the Mango-Passion Fruit Crunchy. 

Unsurprisingly, the innocent looking white chocolate packs the sweetest combination of pomegranate chocolate ganache and crispy strawberry crunch.
But everything was too small and not satisfying as the BIG ONE. It costs a whopping of $25 for just ONE SLAB! There are two versions; milk chocolate (which had ran out of stock) and the other was the dark chocolate. 

The wild combination of redcurrant/orange ganache did not clash with the base of white chocolate, apple and pear. Who would have tried to squeeze FOUR FRUITS into a CHOCOLATE? But this was mind-blowingly good; and I could not fathom why it tasted like PEANUT BUTTER. 

As much as I liked to rave about everything at GODIVA, the Rare Cheesecake Truffle Bar $9 was nowhere near a cheesecake and certainly not a rare one. Better to indulge in a real cheesecake than this.
Sometimes, I do think that there are cheaper alternatives whose taste is no less inferior than Godiva. But there are occasions when its quality is truly a notch above the rest. And that ’s the point when you feel like the king of the world.
Godiva Singapore
Suntec City
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Takashimaya Basement 2
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