Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

A revisit this time to Nick Vina had paid off because they have added new cakes and they tasted better than those on my 1st visit. 

The Lemon Pistachio Mousse $6 consists of pistachio mousseline, pistachio jaconde (a type of sponge), lemon mousseline on digestive short crust. I like this lemon-pistachio combination because the flavors are subtle and the tartness is just right. Perfect to go with the crumbly not sweet base.

Millefeuille $6 tastes good overall but the puff pastry layers lack the crunch. But the tinge of saltiness helps to cut the thick icing sugary glaze.

I seldom take note of a weight of a cake but this Apricot Praline $6 is exceptionally heavy . But I am not complaining because the components blend very well. The fruity apricot jam sat between hazelnut dacquoise base and 70% chocolate mousse, with chunks of hazelnuts and thin praline feuilettine to provide that sought-after crunch.

Another heavy-weight pastry is this gorgeous strawberry matcha tart $6. Do not expect matcha mousse or custard as the green tea is mixed into the baked filling of the tart as matcha almond fragipane (sth like pound cake). Base was very sweet but the fruity strawberry mousse was a nice contrast

doesn't it look like a monkey butt?

What's the best thing about the pastries here??the uber-crunchy pastry shell. However, recently walked past the place again and many items have been changed. I see new faces like carrot cake, new york cheese cake, chocolate banana..... but these are too mainstream. 

I seriously hope they can avoid this route and produce uniquely Nick Vina pastries again.

Nick Vina Artisan Bakery 
12 Gopeng Street, Icon Village, #01-54/55 Singapore 078877. 
Tel: 6224 7848. (eh....not very updated though)

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  1. The strawberry matcha tart looks interesting!The combination of the colour attracts my attention

    1. yeah, exactly! I can’t help but notice it that time because it is so bright pink and flashy! Looks like a 寿桃 longevity peach too! Haha:P


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