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Another reason besides going to Tai Hwa Kopi Tiam for Bak Chor Mee was to try the famous Western Food from Happy Chef. They serve a wide range of Hainanese-style Western food which has been drawing crowds from all over Singapore. It made TV appearances in shows such as Meat & Greed Episode 5.

One of their popular items is the Chicken Kiev--deep fried chicken rolled with cheese and ham. At $9, I found the price steep initially but the portion was HUGE. The amount of gooey cheese right at the centre was very generous, and thus stealing the limelight from the leading actor, Mr Chicken.

There was no doubts about the crispy chicken coating, but the cheese solidified very quickly and turned into a chewy rubber that dislodged from the chicken. The taste emerged neither from the chicken nor the cheese, but the HAM. Better eat while it is still hot.

Nothing unique about the homemade mushroom sauce, as raved about in the video.

Perhaps we should have ordered the Fish & Chips instead of Chicken Schnitzel $6. Despite the visible black pepper flecks, the chicken itself was bland and nearly tasteless. Did not help much by the salty chilli sauce. 

Though the entire cutlet was flawlessly fried, some parts of the chicken skin was uncoated evenly and became very soft & greasy .  We wished we had KFC as we slogged through the characterless meat.
I can't be sure whether standards have dropped since it's my first try. (The owners who made TV appearance were not there) Furthermore, I have only tried 2 out of the 30 dishes here. Food not exceptional but the Chicken Kiev is still the better out of the two

And I just realised there is an AMK outlet which is nearer to my area. Hope that the chefs over there are happier.
Happy Chef Western Food (Crawford Lane)
Blk 466 Crawford Lane
#01-12 Tai Hwa Eating House
Tel: 6398 0773
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10.30pm

Happy Chef Western Food (Ang Mo Kio)
Blk 554 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Street 5, #01-2040
Tel: 6458 2546
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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  1. the one in Ang Mo Kio outlet is gone so disappointing today
    left the only store in Crawford road though.


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