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When I was just a little girl, the signature mudpies from nydc were a true indulgence and reserved for only special occasions with special friends. But the NYDC today is no longer the same as before......

The Cucumber Chiller: A blend of Japanese cucumber, orange juice and lemonade
While sticking to its strong core in desserts, NYDC has become bigger and better. A new revamped menu offering over 30 dessert items, 20 hot food items, four kids’ meals and 40 beverages, has been rolled out gradually across all its outlets since last month.

To allow everyone to enjoy desserts, NYDC introduces "Small Plates" and "Big Plates" which are ideal for sharing. An example of "small plate" is the Lolli Pork Ribs ($9.80) which are 4 mini Spanish baked ribs in cocoa sauce and chocolate soil. Haven't had a savoury chocolate dish after the chocolate duck experience at Pietrasantra. The unsweetened chocolate adds richness and depth to this dish, which is definitely better than the real lollipops.

Unusual tangy wings with vegetables sticks in blue cheese dip

Besides the ribs, one can be addicted to their Hookin' Brooklyn Chicks ($8.80 for 6pcs) because its spicy-sourish marinade is unlike the sweet sticky Buffalo wings. The sauce makes my face cringe a little but it lures me back for more.

Regulars at NYDC can rest assure that some signatures dish are still on the menu. If your mouth is big enough, pop one of the Mushroom munchies ($7.80) -button mushroom, ham, garlic mayo and mozzarella-into your mouth while they are still hot. The full-bodied juices simply burst out without a lot of "munching" work.

Do you know the game of Simon Says? It has inspired the name of this dish called "Simple Salmon Says Toss it " --smoked salmon with cream cheese balls, tomatoes and croutons ($13.80). But I don't have to wait till salmon says before I toss everything into my mouth.

From the BIG Plates, the Double Beef Booster ($14.80) is the one to go for to boost your iron intake. Juicy corned beef, beef pastrami,melted cheese and sauerkraut are sandwiched between toasted rye bread.

Piggy Wiggly Burger ($15.80) is constructed with strands of pulled pork coated in BBQ sauce. This was quite delicious except that I wish that there could be more coleslaw. Like the beef burger, this is also served with a mesclun salad in Russian dressing.

While Sloppy Joe ($14.80) looks as messy as it sounds, it was my favourite burger that day. With ingredients like minced beef stew on beans, mozzarella, lettuce, it was easy to chow through the burger and less likely to encounter any tough parts like the beef pastrami earlier.

And here comes the moment most people(at least for me) who visit NYDC are waiting for......DESSERTS!!! Well, we can't miss their signature mudpies like the Cookie Monster($11.80) which is not too difficult to wrestle with. I love the bottom layer (Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream) more than the top layer (Double Chocolate Chip ice cream) even though they are meant to be eaten together with the Oreo cookie base. The bitter coffee accents help to balance off the sweetness.

Their individual mousse cakes is a new category of dessert menu. Tarts and Nuts(sea salt caramel choc tart) was sold out that day so we settled for Blue me away ($6.80) a rich creamy cheesecake with a frozen blueberry swirl. This was quite normal so it did not blow me away.

Instead, I was drawn to this Choco's Bull Eye ($7.80). Sink your fork through the white chocolate mascarpone cheese and break through the chocolate ball in the centre to release the espresso sauce. Although this is not the first restaurant to launch this kind of cake, I'm pretty sure that it is the only place in Singapore where you can enjoy mousse cake with a liquid chocolate truffle.

Another new category is the plated desserts. "I Scream Burger" is definitely something that screams "Try Me!". Not an average ice cream bread, the undersides of the brioche bun are toasted. Hence, being crunchy yet fluffy, it is perfect for mopping three scoops of ice cream.

If you have only space for one dessert, go for the Peanut Butter Crunch Time($6.80). A rather outrageous combination of hot crunchy peanut butter bread pudding and chilled vanilla ice cream I would say. The peanut butter sandwich is toasted before baking in a custard bath, so there was an extra crunch and buttery aroma. This was so delicious that I nearly devour the whole thing by myself.

As the motto of NYDC goes "Celebrate Life Everyday", it is a place for anyone to drop by to take a break from stressful lifestyle or linger with friends/families over simple good meals. Average price points have been lowered and it is pretty affordable to dine in here especially when you are sharing the food. With so much good food yet to be tried, I guess I no longer have to wait till special occasions to come here!

Wish to try the new dessert menu?
Head down to the MINI POP-UP CAFE (btw Ion Orchard and Ngee Ann City) this weekend 12pm-6pm and sample the new mousse cakes for free!

Enjoy 50% Off Big Plates with any dessert and drink order (Valid till 6 Aug 2013)

For more updates, check out their facebook page here!

NYDC Outlets:

Bugis Junction, #02-47/48T 6333 3161
Sun - Thurs & PH11.30am to 10pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH11.30am to 10.30pm
Holland Village, 30 Lorong MambongT 6469 2998
Sun - Thurs & PH11.30am to 10.30pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH11.30am to 11pm
Wheelock Place, #02-19T 6736 3253
Sun - Thurs & PH11.30am to 10.30pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH11.30am to 11pm

**Special thanks to Denise, Whee Min and Executive Chef Rick Lek for the gracious hosting

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