Tanuki Raw: Oysters Happy Hour & Tapas

Tanuki, which means Japanese Racoon, has recently been opened by the same people behind the Standing Sushi Bar.
The place is an 80-seater martini and raw food bar in Orchard Central where they challenged the Spanish Tapas by serving Japanese small plates. Menu consists of creative style sushi, fried food and sashimi and yes, many are raw like the steak tartare.
Speaking of Raw food, what else but the all-time Singaporean favourite oyster? Going for $1 (max of 12 pieces) with any alcoholic drink during the happy hour from 5pm-8pm daily including weekends, the medium-sized Hiroshima oyster might not be the biggest ones you've had in your life but fresh and perfect for any oyster addict.
Our alcohol to go with the oysters was Singapore Sling, a mixture of gin, cherry and pineapple ($11 at Happy hour). There is also the choice of Martinis and other classic cocktails. 
However, the baskets of oysters from France displayed on the cocktail bar did not escape the sharp eyes of the oyster hunter. This explained the additional order of one oyster each from four different region with all at $3 except for one premium piece at $5 ( prices from $8 at non happy hours)

Our oyster hunter achieved a personal record of 16 oysters that day. A check with the Tanuki staff revealed that the saltiness in the France oysters come from the natural brine when they are shucked without any washing as some customers enjoy the mild savoury taste.

One of the drinking snacks is the seasoned sweet pickled jellyfish ($6) 

The Chef's choice of Sashimi Platter ($38)  might seem like the typical predictable Japanese fare but there are items like the stuffed ika(squid) which was not something quite common.

Not really a fan of raw food like me? Try the Rockster roll($10): seared salmon draped with the pink  Mentaiko(cod fish roe) sauce with mozzarella cubes in the centre. While the mozzarella might not be hot and melty, rest assure that this savoury sushi will not leave you with a salt overdose.

The Urbane Plates are recommended for sharing but if you like to try a bit here and there, this platter of three plates:Tanuki Balls, American Roll and Edamame Egg roll ($26) is pretty ideal.
 As truffled beef carparcio over deep fried cheese potato, these Tanuki balls might be tastier with more dark brown base dressing which resembled the Okonomiyaki sauce.
 The cheddar cheese was nowhere found in this American roll but the sliced beef in the centre was sweet and resembles a remix Yoshinoya beef bowl, hyped up with yellow mustard, mayo and ketchup.

But the Edamame Egg roll, a spring roll of minced Edamame and eggs was not particularly shining as the pastry skin had lost its crunch and the filling could do with more salt.
Tanuki balls with gooey cheese centre
In short, the oysters here are a steal and the Japanese fusion fare are worth a try though I would prefer if they could served the dons without the rice to boost it's menu selection( ie having the panfried Teriyaki chicken of the Yakitori Don without the rice, of course then the word Don must be altered).
Service was prompt and fast on a weekend happy hour. But it is still unpredictable whether the place might get crowded when more people come here for their oyster + alcohol fix!
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-Raw by Standing Sushi Bar-
181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central



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