La Petite Cuisine : Affordable French Food Series IV

 n the affordable French Food Series Part IV, we arrived at Le Petit Cuisine along Upp Thomson Road ( Read others here : Saveur / Poulet / Le Cuisson) Their main outlet at Serene centre has received significantly better reviews than this place and I can finally understand why.

Bread Rolls from Delifrance with Unsalted President Butter
Be prepared to receive worse-than-expected service here as the glum-faced servers seemed unhappy to have customers entering their territory. Do not expect them to guide you to your seats or take your orders. Water is self-service.

Dishes which you can only find here includes this Croissant with Escargots (13.50) which came in a satisfying portion despite being an entree. The fluffy warm bread stuffed with big fat chewy escargots was doused in that delicious mushroom garlic gravy! The idea of croissant with escargots is really a wonderful change to the usual garlic and butter type. I am really curious about the escargots here because they are one of the largest I have tried so far.

The Seared tuna steak with onion marmalade (14.50) was Iight dish which my old folks like. But I prefer those with more flavor like the fish from Saveur. The combination of bittersweet onion with fresh slightly raw tuna is quite odd but the wine infused rice was really fluffy and fragrant with accents of cheese.

The dessert selection was limited to the familiar Creme brûlée, opera and flourless chocolate cake all ranging between$4-$5. 50 cents cheaper with a main course ordered. Since I know this is my last time, I choose one that is the least common out of the rest. Surprisingly, the chocolate orange mousse cake was rich and outstanding. And at $3.50, it was the best steal of the day.

In short, the food especially the croissants escargots is worth trying if you ignore the bad service. If you visit the Serene Centre branch or come here for takeaway,  you may be able to maximize the enjoyment of your food more!
La Petit Cuisine
227 Upper Thomson Road Thomson Ridge Singapore 574359
Closed on Mon, Tue to Sun: 11.30am - 2.30pm and 5.30pm - 9.30pm
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  1. The Croissant with Escargots looks DIVINE!!! Thanks for reviewing ^^


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