Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

Ryoshi Sushi Ikekemaru is a family-style sushi restaurant at Liang Court that serves affordable sushi similar to Itacho Sushi. If my guess is correct, it is the exact sushi shop from Shizuoka (Click here for 沼津の回転寿司活けいけ丸 )The space where Ryoshi now stands used to change tenants a lot but I guess the business here is so good that it is going to stay for long. 

Ranging from $1.80-$6.80 per plate, the menu items are labeled with three different tags: お勧め(Recommended) , 人気(Popular) and お子様におすすめ (Recommended for children). The Jizakama Rayu (fish seasoned in chilli oil) is as mild as it looks while the Fuwafuwa Tamago is creamy but bland.

I guessed we were in better luck when we ordered the recommended items like the Nama Shirasu ($5.80). The overflowing amount of raw whitebait was a pleasant sight that no one would complain that it's too much. But the large piece of eel in Daimyo Anago($5.80) shown below failed to impress the eyes and the taste buds. It needs more sun-tanning.

Nama Sakura Ebi (raw cherry shrimps) $6.80 were soft,chewy but not much sweetness. Would prefer the shrimps to be stir fried with garlic and oil to bring out the fragrance instead of raw. But guess its a personal preference.
 Notice the absence of raw fish? That is because we prefer to have it as plain sashimi but they did not have it. Nonetheless, this did not disappoint as their non-sushi items were actually tastier! Salmon salad ($8.60) is drizzled in bright and tangy dressing while the Fried Oysters ($6.80) are plump, juicy and cheap.
But it would be pity if you leave this place without trying their Raw Oyster in Ponzu Sauce. At $8.60, you get 4 medium-sized Hiroshima oysters swimming in a nice dish that is shaped like oyster shell!

The Pumpkin Croquette $4.80 was another of our hot favourite because it was not simply puréed pumpkin but also contain pumpkin bits. Served piping hot, they did require some self-discipline to not bite into them immediately but worth the wait.

For those who are not in a "sushi mood", this Tempura udon $9.60 serves as a decent choice. It is a set consisting of deep-fried prawn and vegetables with noodles that are thinner than usual udon.

Overall, I prefer the non-sushi items even though this place specialises in sushi. Service is prompt and you may wish to take counter seats to view the sushi chefs in live action. Otherwise, the usual tables are good for families and friends to sit back and slowly enjoy the food.

Ryoshi Ikekemaru
Liang Court B1
Opp Meidi-ya Supermarket

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  1. value for money and quality Japanese fare indeed

    1. Yeps. Gonna try the omu-rice shop in front of this place next time :)


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