Morganfield's Sticky Bones: New Honey Rum Flavour

Morganfield's, the famous American ribs opened its first outlet at Star Vista last year. Since their ribs are so famous, we can't afford to give this miss. You may laugh but this Couple Platter combo $49.90 (for 2 pax) was more than enough to feed my family of four. For the choice of 2 types of ribs, we had the Signature Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs and their latest flavor Honey Rum Short Ribs.

After hours of braising, chilling before being char-broiled, their signature sticky bones is undoubtedly tender, succulent and the smokey sauce blended well with the ribs.

But their latest flavour deserves attention. Made with Sticky honey, juicy pineapple and Bacardi rum, this special sticky-sweet BBQ sauce does not dry out on the surface. Hence, one can still enjoy the sauce in every meaty bite. This was a refreshing alternative to typical heavy-weight ribs.
 For their side dishes, the butter corn was fresh, sweet and juicy but the Red Skin Mashed Potato with Ham was dry and rough.

A dark-horse appetizer was this Sautéed Mushrooms that sounds plain but turns out amazing. Topped with Parmesan cheese powder, the King Mushrooms sautéed with Merlot Wine-infused garlic butter was so fragrant and al dente, that you may just stare at the dish in disbelief.
Although some might think that their desserts were nothing to shout for, this Molten Chocolate Lava cake (free for Couple combo/$13.90 ala carte) outshines those served in petite sizes at fine-dining places.

Just look at how much the intensely bittersweet lava flows out smoothly from the centre. It was my ideal ratio of lava to cake because it is always a problem when the sauce is wiped out faster than the cake.  Fortunately, this is not the case.The light, soft pillowy texture of the cake section is a bonus.

Service was friendly and portions were big. Unless you have a ravenous appetite, it may be better to come here with friends or families so as to attack the combo platters which will definitely save you some bucks...and an over-stuffed stomach.

Star Vista #02-23 (Buona Vista MRT)