Goodwood Park Deli : More than just Durians

While Goodwood Park may be famous for their durians, do you know that they sell pastries and bread too? Occasionally, I do make trips down to the Deli shops to check out if there is any new items and most likely I would not go back empty handed.
Here are some of the items the month of March
 Have you tried cakes with lemongrass before? Macarons and plated desserts perhaps but it is not very commonly found in cakes like this Chocolate Lemongrass Slice ($8++). The taste of lemongrass in the yellow layer was distinct but did not overpower the light milk chocolate mousse. Coated in dark chocolate ganache, this cake reminded me strangely of Thai Tom yam soup.

The Vanilla Raspberry Charlotte $6.80++ (above) is a creamy vanilla mousse layer which sat on top three Swiss rolls that are filled with raspberry jam. The mousse layer was faultless but the rolls at the base were a little too sweet.

Meanwhile, the Chocolate Apple roll $7.80++ (below) is a dry layer of almond- studded sponge cake stuffed with green apple cubes & choc mousse that is denser than the lemongrass cake(top). Perhaps the chef did not bring out the green apple flavour to the fullest and it became rather discordant with the dark chocolate.

Bored with cheesecakes? Try this Pandan cheesecake ($8++) because this has truly surprised me with a lighter than NY cheesecake texture but yet not too mousse-y and airy like the Japanese style. Furthermore, the red beans that are studded on the sponge base were big like kidney beans but not too sweet. The aromatic pandan smell simply whiffs into your nose in every bite. [click here for other interesting cheesecake : mori cheesecake /  oreo mud cheese )

I thought the Chocolate Vanilla Tart $6.80++ would just be vanilla cream on top of an all dark chocolate tart. It was later that I realized that it was filled with sweet custard topped with chocolate ganache. The fillings were velvety and rich but the thin crust had turned soggy unfortunately.
Nonetheless, I really appreciate the consistency of the overall cake quality and also how the chefs make an effort to change the items every month. The cakes here range from $6-$8 and they are definitely cheaper than the average petit slices from Canele, Antoinette and TWG.  Besides cakes, they also sell yummy beef, chicken, mushroom pies and assorted bread. Now that you have read this, i hope you won't be think of only durians when you see "Goodwood" .

Goodwood Park Deli Shop
9am – 9pm Daily
6730 1786.