Chao Zhou 潮粥 Teochew Fish Soup: Fish Porridge served in Traditional Claypot

Not as popular as Jian Zao 建造 Ipoh Curry Noodle and Hong Style Fried Rice 四哥炒饭 in the Ang Mo Kio 332 Coffee House, at least during the time we visited along with Shinjitsu Ramen 真实拉面, however, Chao Zhou is something worth to try as well.
Don't be scared by the size of the claypot, actual portion inside is not that much. We had the pumpkin fish porridge ($6.90) which isn’t really like the Cantonese congee as the grains are still distinct. I can’t tell what’s in the broth but it tastes delicious and different from usual fish soups. And yes, we ended up finishing the very last drip. Would recommend you to try out this unique taste. There's the double fish and taro fish porridge version which I would definitely want to try when I'm there again. 

Chao Zhou 潮粥 Teochew Fish Soup
332 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 560332