Hong Kong 88 Roast Meat Specialist @ Foch Road

Thanks to the recommendation by Derrick, I finally made my way down to Foch Road not for Kok Kee Wanton Mee or Pig Organ Soup, but to taste what some people name as the "best roasted meat" in town. 
The queue on a Sunday afternoon wasn't as bad as I thought (in fact, I was lucky that I didn't have to queue at all). Listed on the signboard were typical offerings like roasted meat rice or roasted duck noodles but all I wanted to try was the Sio Bak and Char Siu. Hence, I ordered a plate of mixed Sio Bak and Char Siu which is prepared according to the number of pax ($15 for 3 pax) 

However, I couldn't decide when Uncle asked if I wanted to have fatty or leaner cut. He recommended the fatty cut and so I went for half fatty and half lean. But I soon regretted this decision as it was too fatty. After all, lean Sio Bak already has a fair portion of fats. In the end, it was quite a waste to eliminate the fatty parts from the plate and everyone was aiming for the lean cuts. 

The lean Sio Bak was perfect with a golden crackling that truly produced the amazing "crunch" sound as you bite into it. I was surprised that caramelized charsiew was fork tender and easily pull-apart like those pork ribs that have been braised for hours. The glaze was sweet and went with rice.

Next time, I will definitely order a plate of lean Sio Bak and char siew all for myself. No sharing please. 

Hong Kong 88 Roast Meat Specialist 

30 Foch Rd, 209276
10.30am to 9.45pm daily, closed on Mondays on alternate week