Manneken in Tokyo : Excellent Liege Waffles On the Go

There are those standard type of waffles which you eat with ice cream or copious amount of whipped cream and fruits in cafes and restaurants. 

Then there’s the Liège waffle. This is the people’s waffle, the waffle that’s sold for less than 200 yen on the street and warmly wrapped in a slip of waxy paper to eat on the go. Besides Mr.Waffles in Shinjuku, my next favourite waffle place-to-go is this German franchise that has many outlets in Japan. 

You will most likely be spoilt for choices as there are monthly/seasonal flavors such as custard chocolate, orange or uji matcha. 

It's small and chunky with deep wide pockets that make it easy to tear off chunks of the pillowy dough to pop into your mouth. The aroma that wafted from this store is as 
insanely addictive as those from Mr.Waffles. Stick to the waffles and skip Manneken's waffle-witch, which has lost its essential character and taste not quite different from a doughy pancake with cream

Outlets all over Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga


  1. looks yummy! I think I should try!

  2. Did you buy the matcha waffle in Tokyo? And if so, where exactly?
    Last time I was in Japan I could only get it in Kyoto and Himeji.


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