Meatliquor SIN : $7 BURGERS for 7 DAYS

What? Burgers for $7?! 

My jaws dropped wide open when I read that the gourmet burgers from the hippest London burger joint, Meatliquor SIN, will be going for $7 instead of the usual $20+ during lunch. This is even more affordable than an $8 Donburi from Lau Pa Sat and the same as the cheapest salad in CBD area. 

To celebrate MeatliquorSIN's lunch opening every single day of the week, the burgers are going at $7 for 7days during lunch starting 16 May to 22 May (next Mon-Sun). This means that even if you can't run to Meatliquor Sin during weekdays, you can still do it during weekends. This is the golden opportunity to make a trip down because the burgers can cost up to $24. 

I was expecting the burgers to be as loud and wild as the swanky neon-red spaces here but they turned out to be otherwise. Unlike those monstrous burgers featured in American food shows like Man vs. Food, the burgers were pretty conservative and tame. 

The Dead Hippie (up to $22++), comprising of double 100% prime beef mustard-fried patties and house-made ‘secret recipe’ Dead Hippie sauce were soft and juicy but wasn't as formidable as its name suggested. I could not discern a big taste difference between these "mustard-fried" patties and usual ones. 

The Buffalo Chicken Burger (up to $20++) triggered more intense salivation with the hot pepper sauce and blue cheese sauce dripping from the edges. While some felt that the protein was masked by the deluge of sauces, I could still taste the meat as it was chunky yet moist and tender. However, the Ginger Chilli Fish Burger (up to $19++), a Singaporean spin on the burgers, was rather muted in the ginger chilli flavor but a good thing is that it relied the least on sauces. Perhaps it's better to head to a chicken rice stall if you are craving for good ginger chilli. 
It'll be quite lonely to have the burgers without the sides like Chilli Cheese Fries or onion rings. In fact, those that we tried were even tastier than the burgers. The Shambal Fries ($10++) a strangely moreish plate of chewy, non-crispy fries beneath a sludge of sweet sambal sauce, fried egg, crispy shallots that tasted like NASI LEMAK. Perfect if the egg was runny instead of fully-cooked and added with some ikan bilis for crunchy bites. 
The Wedge Salad ($15++) was our table's unanimous favourite. The plate of iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, crispy onions, ranch dressing and blue cheese was already winning formula and the only reason I can figure out why some may not like this is the blue cheese. Even then, the blue cheese here was not pungent at all. 

While I know burgers here may not be the cheapest in Singapore, I still think it's a super great bargain for this limited period of time. After this $7 for 7 days promotion, value lunch sets at $15 (burger + drink) will be launched. 

So if you haven't try the burgers from this first overseas outpost of Meatliquor SIN, it's the ripe time to do so. 

Meatliquor SIN
99 Duxton Rd, 089543
Sun-Thur 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-11pm
Fri-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-1am