Pierre Herme Tokyo 2016 : Fetish Mogador

Fetish : An excessive and irrational devotion or commitment to a particular thing.
{from Oxford Dictionary} 

I always find that "Fetish" is a very good word to describe the seasonally-rotating theme desserts from Pierre Herme. As briefly described before, "Fetish" plays around with a certain flavour combination, for instance Fetish Morebello was pistachio and raspberries (luckily not Cherries).
Even though "Fetish" always take the form of choux, Millefeuille, Tart, Gateau and sometimes a St Honore, it always get me hyper-excited and I end up getting every type available even though they are of the same flavor.  

Till date, I have completed Fetish Celeste, Morebello, Infinimente Vanille and now it's Mogador, one of the few forages into the tropical realm by using pineapples, passionfruit and milk chocolate. It's very rare to see pineapples being paired with chocolate and I'm surprised that this formula worked very well in cases such as the Millefeuille and Surprise gateau. 

The acidity of the passionfruit and pineapples provided a pertinent counter-body to the sweet chocolate mousse. With the fruity flavors that were especially concentrated in the compotes section, the desserts become delightfully light yet bold at the same time. 
The reason why I chose Millefeuille and Surprise instead of the choux and Verrine is because the former two had either a superbly crunchy and flaky puff pastry or an outstanding crumbly sable base. Their presence made a huge difference as the hints of salt remediated any jaded palates. 

As said, Fetish could be quite overwhelming at times (and also because I had all four at one go, all by myself). Hence, my body was naturally looking out for something that prevent myself from being too acclimatized to the combination. 

Overall, while I enjoyed Fetish Mogador very much, I think will be interesting to have pineapples pair with soy sauce as this is how some people, like my Dad, likes to eat his fruit. 

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