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Pierre Herme Tokyo ピエール・エルメ・パリ Part 2 : Emotions and Tarts

One can get emotional over Emotion when many flavours are bottled inside the glass. Besides the millefeuilles, Emotions are another series of Pierre Herme's pastries worth splurging than the macarons. However, some of the flavours especially the Infiniment Vanille always tend to get out of control with the sugar.

Emotion Envie (Top Pic)
Meaning "desire" in English, Envie evokes a sense of possession with the strong purple hues of the cassis compote. The colour contrast is also the most distinctive here. Made of violette vanilla mascarpone cream, violette cream, biscuit damande and topped with strawberries, blueberries and framboise. 
Emotion Infiniment Vanille
Although PH's pastries are decent, some can get out of hand with the level of sweetness level. His Infiniment Vanille series are one of the sweetest and I would classify it to the saccharine camp of sweets that I would prefer not to touch again. One bite into the baba rhum cake at the centre and the ultra-sweet juices gushed out without warning.
Emotion Satine
This is literally a delicious and citrusy cheesecake deconstructed. Consist of gelee of passion fruit and orange, cream cheese-mascarpone cream, sables,orange marmalade.
Emotion Montebello
One of my favourite besides the cheesecake because it dominated by the wonderful pistachio. Pistachio dacquoise, pistachio gelee, framboise compote and pistachio mascarpone cream.

Besides the emotions, I have a penchant for their tarts too. They are not exactly like those utterly traditional ones filled with pastry cream and fruits. Each of them has a complex character and the tart shell stays perfectly crumbly no matter how much cream has been piled onto it.  

Tarte Infiniment Cafe
Inspired by vienna coffee, this is the ideal tart for coffee lovers for its velvety cream and alluring roasted beans aroma. Caramelized Pie, mascarpone cream perfumed with Brazil coffee and Brazil coffee nougatine. 

Tarte Carrement Chocolat
Praline mixed with cacao bits, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Chantily.
Tarte Infiniment Jasmin
Sable crust layered with biscuit sponge accented with Lemon and Bergamote, spread with Jasmine Ganache and followed by Jasmine Mascarpone Cream. 
Tarte Imperatrice
This reminds me of Indian desserts because the tart shell is filled with raisins rice pudding. Topped with generous slices of baked apples. Unlike the rest of the tarts, the base is a pie and not sable crust.

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