Monday, February 17, 2014

Pierre Herme Tokyo ピエール・エルメ・パリ Part 1 : Fetish Over Millefeuilles

I am a fan of Pierre Herme. Not so much of his macarons, but his pastries, especially his Millefeuilles that have appeared in so many different flavours in each FETISH, a seasonal theme that is based on the exclusive PH vocabulary such as Satine (cheesecake), Montebello (Pistachio & Raspberry). 

Caramelized Pie, Strawberry Compote, Fraise Raspberry Pistachio Mascarpone Cream
After having so many millefeuilles in Tokyo, I dare say that PH's version is still the best in town. It won't create a mess on your table, because one is sure to pick up every single flake and pop it into the mouth. Even if you leave it in the fridge overnight, it stay crisp and fresh as if the cream is just piped over the puff layers. 

Caramelized Pie, Fleur De Sel Chocolate Flakes, Chocolate Mascarpone Cream......and of course a middle layer of thick yet satisfying salted caramel. 

Millefeuille Carrement Chocolat
Similar to the Plenitude but without caramel. This is for any chocoholics who are seeking pure, untainted chocolate dream. 

2000 Feuiles
This is his signature item. Yet don't be too excited because it is not always available. Divine praline cream, golden caramelized puff layers and a thick crunchy praline mousseline at the base deliver an overwhelming explosion of textures and flavours in the mouth. 

Just ignore the calories for a while, because PH  the Japanese pastry team behind PH does not like to use whipped cream, but opts for mascarpone cheese. Each one is worth every yen of the 735-yen price tag because quality is top-notched and consistently maintained over the years.  
 If you know any shops that sell better ones, email me. 
Click here for Part 2 : Emotions & Tarts

Pierre Herme Paris ピエール・エルメ・パリ
Shinjuku, Aoyama and Various Locations.
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