Isetan Scotts Supermarket Fully Reopens with NEW Food Theatre Concept

Finally, the day has come when Isetan Scotts Supermarket fully reopens after months of renovation. Besides the three new additions (Johan Paris, Matsuzo Potato and Chateraise) mentioned in the previous post, the grocery section has now been completely makeover and elevates the shopping experience to a whole new level. 

In fact, the supermarket has hired top design companies from Tokyo, NONSCALE and SEMBA, to transform the space into one that exudes clean design aesthetics and the vibe of a luxury kitchen. As I walked around, I noticed that there is not only wider walkways but also brighter, natural lightings with a clear organization and display of products. In addition, there is now a centralized area dedicated to seasonal and regional food fairs like Kyushu Food Fair or Okayama food fair whereas in the past when temporary pop-up booths are located in many pockets of the basement market.  .

The new Food Theatre Concept offers a multi sensory shopping experience to shoppers and reinforces its leading position in Singapore as a place that delivers Japanese produce and cooked food of the freshest and superior quality. 

Here is a quick run through at some of the highlights:

Kitchen StageA place where there will be food demonstrations and sampling of new products. The most practical way to see if you like certain product before you buy it. 

Hirashima Suisan
There is now a larger variety of sushi than before, with an open kitchen where you can view how the seafood and sushi are being prepared. And the good news is that you can also enjoy the sushi at Kake-uchi Sake Bar

Mangetsu Eggs
Meaning "full moon" in Japanese, these eggs with bright orange egg yolks are the perfect stuff to go with rice. Exclusively imported by Isetan and only available at Isetan

Hokkaido Beef, another source of premium beef imported from Tokaido, Hokkaido, that adds to the existing selection of Wagyu Beef from Kagoshima 

Rice Polishing Service
I was surprised to see this self-service machine which polishes brown rice (genmai) with husks into white rice. It's also rare to find this in most supermarkets in Japan. Would love to use this machine one day myself!
Kake-uchi Sake Bar 
Wind down a day's work with some premium sake and bites from the sake bar menu which changes every fortnight. Featured brands are popular brands in Japan and come from different prefectures all over Japan. Wait a second, did I spot some customers having piping hot curry rice here as well?:)

Opening Hours: From Sunday to Thursday, 10am-9pm, Friday, Saturday and eve of Public holiday from 10am to 9.30pm with the last order at 9pm 

Dashi Bar
Dashi means "broth" or the soup stock which Chinese commonly refers to. This is another dine-in corner where you can enjoy udon, soba and miso soup at an affordable price. 

Yaoya Fruit Juice Bar
This is produced by Chef Masahiro Takada, owner chef of Restaurant Takada in Singapore. Customize your toppings for the refreshing frozen yoghurt or simply get a freshly squeezed fruit juice. Highly recommended by the guy here is carrots and strawberries because they are specially air flown from Japan

Last but not least, there is an increased number of products imported from Japan. From seasonal snacks like Sakura sweets to all sorts of Japanese condiments and ingredients for your daily cooking, not to forget the ice cream section where you can now catch all sorts of Japanese brands ice cream that are not available elsewhere in Singapore. 

Time to stock up your kitchen with these exclusive Japanese product offerings at Isetan Scotts supermarket.

Isetan Scotts Supermarket
Sun-Thur 10am-9pm 
Fri/Sat/eve of PH 10am-9.30pm
Tel 6733-1111