Sanuki Udon @ Lau Pa Sat : Cheap and Good Find

Selling udon seems to be a tough business in local shores as there are barely few udon shops here besides Tamoya. Even at Lau Pa Sat, the sole udon stall Marusaya Udon has winded up its business. I am not a fan of udon but I was very happy to discover Sanuki Udon, a new stall that sells the traditional Kanaga-style udon. My conclusion? Cheap, huge and satisfying. 

But in all honesty, I was initially drawn not to the udon, but the charsiew pork don ($5.90), a giant bowl of rice topped with browned meat, spring onions and a molten egg. The meat was flanked with bits of fats and braised till soft and sweet. Tantalizing meat juices and sauce trickled down to the rice below; so simple yet down-to-earth delicious. 

Since it is an udon stall, my lunch kaki and I decided to give the udon a shot, which turned out wonderfully toothsome and tasty. For our regular size bowl ($5.40) with ontama* mentaiko topping ($2.30), the broth was clear and slurp, but not heavy handed on MSG. I was surprised by the mild sourishness of the mentaiko, which could have been mixed with ume (plum). This pink paste no doubt lifted the noodles, making it a bright and refreshing bowl. 

Never do yourself injustice by skipping the free flow crispy tempura bits (self-service), otherwise it's like having char kway teow or hokkien mee without the pork lard. 

*ontama = onsen tamago

Sanuki Udon
located next to Ramen Takumen and right at the corner of Cheers convenience store
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
18 Raffles Quay