Strawberries Sweets 2016 @ Grand Hyatt Tokyo

February is the month of love, chocolate and .......strawberries. My eyes instantly lit up at the gorgeous display of pink pastries, which left me highly anticipating for the spring season after the chilly winter. Since I won't be in town for Sakura, why shouldn't I live the moment and catch the freshest strawberries when they are in season? Running from now till mid-March, the strawberry sweets is an annual affair at Fiorentina Pastry Boutique that takes full advantage of these highly prized berries when they are at their sweetest. 
Besides common pastry items like Paris Brest (¥650), there is the exquisite glass of Strawberry and Spumante Verrine (¥750), which contained ONE WHOLE premium strawberry! This is a practical way to enjoy those expensive ichigos as we don't have to splurge on the entire box. 

Strawberry Spumante Verinne 苺とスプマンテのベリーヌ
Plus, anything that contains alcohol (in this case, it is infused with Italian White wine that is typically known as Spumante) is a bonus and not surprisingly, this was my mum's favourite as well. The smooth, wobbly jelly is so light yet boozy, making it a great low-calorie dessert for those who usually stay away from sugar. 
Fragola Grande ラゴーラ グランデ 
I must confessed I might not have bought the Fragola Grande if I had not carelessly overlooked the price tag of ¥1200. This was constructed of two hollowed-out strawberries filled with homemade strawberry jam, fresh cream. Since the Japanese usually dip ichigo in condensed milk, the chef has coated the berries in condensed milk, dried ichigo chips and arranged on strawberry chocolate crunch slab. 

Is this worth the price? YES! The strawberries were tremendously sweet and firm, which made me curious the source of these ichigos as it is stated that the price of this pastry varies according to the type of ichigos available @_@
Fiore Fragola フィオーレ フラゴーラ
Last but not least, the Fiore Fragola (¥1200), a moist strawberry cake on a sable base and coated in fondant. It was a pleasant surprise to find the rare pairing of a crunchy base to these kind of bundt cakes. It’s admittedly on the sugary side but perfect for washing down with a cup of hot ocha.

*Fragola Dolce : Strawberry Fair is available till March
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